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Undergraduate Programs

 We educate persons of all faiths in an environment inspired by Catholic values. Here you will find broad intellectual development coupled with career-directed studies in the sciences, healthcare, business and the humanities. 

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  • SFU Undergraduate Education

    Explore our complete list of offerings below.  

  • School of Arts and Letters Academic Offerings

    Arts & Letters    

    Arts & Letters, B.A.
     (graduate school, professional, or general track)
    Arts & Letters, Minor


    Digital Media, B.A.Communications, Minor
    Digital Media, B.S. 
    Strategic Communications, B.S. 


    Early Childhood Education, B.S.Early Childhood Education, Minor
    Education, A.S.Middle Childhood/ Secondary Education, Minor
    Middle Childhood Education, B.S.Open Education, Minor
    Middle Childhood Education/Special Education, B.S.Special Education, Minor
    Environmental Studies
    Environmental Studies, B.A.Environmental Studies, Minor

    Fermentation Arts

    Fermentation Culture, B.A. 
    Fermentation Administration, B.A. 

    Fine Arts

    Fine Arts, Minor 

    History & Political Science

    History, B.A.History, Minor
    History Secondary Education, Social Studies Certification, B.APolitical Science, Minor
    Pre-Law Concentration, B.A in History, Political Science, International Studies, or Public Administration/Government Science

    Public Administration/ Government Service, Minor

    Political Science, B.A.
    International Studies, B.A. 
    Public Administration/ Government Service, B.A. or B.S.  

    Literature & Languages

    English, B.A.English, Minor
    English, Media Studies Concentration, B.A.Writing, Minor
    Spanish, B.A.Spanish, Minor
    Spanish, International Business/ Modern Language, B.A.Spanish for Law Enforcement, Minor
     Spanish for Health Sciences, Minor
     American Sign Language, Minor
     French, Minor
     International Business, Minor
     Italian Studies, Minor
     Global Cultures and Languages, Minor
     World Languages, Minor

    Philosophy & Religious Studies

    Philosophy, B.A.Philosophy, Minor
    Philosophy and Religious Studies, B.A Ethics, Minor 
    Religious Studies, B.A.Religious Studies, Minor 


    Psychology, B.A. (general liberal arts, Ph.D, and pre-professional tracks)Psychology, Minor

    Psychology, B.S. (general liberal arts, Ph.D, and pre-professional tracks)


    Social Work

    Social Work, B.S. Social Work, Minor

    Sociology and Criminal Justice

    Criminal Justice, B.A.Criminal Justice, Minor
    Criminal Justice, B.S.Sociology, Minor 
    Sociology, B.A. 


    School of Business Academic Offerings


    Accounting, B.S.Accounting, Minor
    Accounting, Entrepreneurship Concentration, B.S. 
    Five-year Accounting to MBA Program, B.S. 


    Economics, B.S.Economics, Minor
    Economics, Entrepreneurship Concentration, B.S. 
    Five-year Economics to MBA Program, B.S. 


    Finance, B.S.Finance, Minor
    Finance, Entrepreneurship Concentration, B.S. 
    Five-year Finance to MBA Program, B.S. 

    Healthcare Management

    Healthcare Management Concentration, B.S.Healthcare Management, minor


    Management, B.S.Management, Minor  

    Management, Entrepreneurship Concentration, B.S.

    Sports Management, Minor

    Five-year Management to MBA Program, B.S.


    Management Information Systems

    Management Information Systems, B.S.

    Management Information Systems, Minor

    Management Information Systems, Entrepreneurship Concentration, B.S.


    Five-year MIS to MBA Program, B.S.



    Marketing, B.S.

    Marketing, Minor
    Marketing, Entrepreneurship Concentration, B.S. 
    Five-year Marketing to MBA Program, B.S.


    School of Health Science Academic Offerings

    Exercise Physiology

    Exercise Physiology, B.S. in Health Science (Concentrations in Fitness Professionals, Pre-Allied Health, Research Graduate and Pre-Professional)  Exercise Physiology, Minor 
     Exercise Physiology Diving, Minor 

    Health Care Studies

    Health Care Studies, Pre-Allied Health Concentration, B.S. 
    Health Care Studies, Pre-Occupational Therapy Concentration, B.S. 
    Health Care Studies, Pre-Physician Assistant Concentration, B.S. 


    Nursing, B.S.   

    Occupational Therapy

    Occupational Therapy, B.S. in Health Science Master of Occupational Therapy (undergraduate entry)  

    Physical Therapy 

    Physical Therapy, B.S. in Health Science Doctor of Physical Therapy (undergraduate entry)  

    Physician Assistant

    Physician Assistant Science, B.S. in Health ScienceMaster of Physician Assistant Science (undergraduate entry)  

    Public Health

    Public Health, B.A Public Health, Minor 
    Public Health, B.S 
    Public Health, Pre-Professional Concentration, B.S.


    School of Sciences Academic Offerings


    Biochemistry, B.S.  


    Aquarium and Zoo Science, B.A.Biological Diving, Minor
    Biology, B.A.Biology, Minor
    Biology, B.S. 
    Environmental Science Concentration, B.S. 
    Marine Biology Concentration, B.S. 
    Molecular Biology Concentration, B.S. 
    Podiatric Science Concentration, B.S. 
    Pre-Professional Concentrations, Biology B.S. 
    Secondary Education Concentration, B.S. 
    Medical Technology/Medical Laboratory Science, B.S. 


    Chemistry, B.A.Chemistry, Minor
    Chemistry, B.S.Forensic Science, Minor
    Environmental Chemistry Concentration, B.S. 
    Forensics Concentration, B.S. 
    Pre-Professional Concentration, B.S. 
    Pre-Pharmacy Concentration, B.S. 
    Secondary Education Chemistry Certification, B.S. 

    Computer Science

    Computer Science, B.S.Computer Science, Minor
    Cyber Security Administration, B.S. 
    Gaming/ New Media Design and Production Concentration, B.S.Cyber Security Administration, Minor
    General Computer Science Concentration, B.S. 
    Information Technology and Security Concentration, B.S 
    Software Development Concentration, B.S. 

    Engineering  Environmental Engineering  Petroleum Engineering

    Engineering, B.A. 
    Environmental Engineering, B.S. 
    Environmental Engineering, Ecological Engineering Concentration, B.S. 
    Environmental Engineering, Renewable Energy Concentration, B.S. 
    Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering, B.S. 


    Mathematics, B.A. or B.S.Mathematics Minor
    Actuarial Concentration, B.S.Mathematics, Applied Mathematics Minor
    Applied Mathematics Concentration, B.S.Quantitative Methods Minor
    Mathematics, B.S. with a Computer Science Minor 
    Secondary Education Certification, B.S. 

    Pre-Medicine Programs 

    Pre-medicine, dentistry, optometry, pharmacy, veterinary and more