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Earn an Impactful Communications Degree from Saint Francis University

From digital editing, web design, and desktop publishing to advertising/PR, social media, and blogging: you will touch it all in the SFU Communications Program through the Shields School of Business.  


Offered: On-Campus

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gain skills in social media, sports reporting, storytelling, and more!
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work in the on-campus media lab,  TV studio,  newspaper, or behind the scenes/on-air opportunities with our Division I athletics teams
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tailor your program focus through specialties in digital media and integrated marketing communications
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Communications the Saint Francis Way

Our COMM students are always on the go, developing their skills and building their portfolios.  In our on-campus media lab and television studio, they produce, design, and edit content for video, web, and print. They cover campus news for our newspaper.  And they work behind the scenes and on-air with our Division I athletics teams. In other words, they are busy becoming Communications professionals. 

Listen to what several of our graduates shared about their experiences at Saint Francis:

Student Testimonial

Katie Page ' 21

Katie Page Student Testimonial


Student Testimonial

Nicolette Balesco '22

Nicolette Balesco Student Testimonial

Student Testimonial

Matthew Crawford '17

Matthew Crawford '17

Try on your career path!

Did you know that Communications majors can work in any industry, anywhere in the world? From major cities to small towns, everyone needs employees with communications skills, which means more jobs for COMM majors!


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Seek Hands-On Experiences

Communications students are “doers.” They envision and create campaigns and put these ideas into writing, film, graphics, or images. Much of what you do will be hands-on! Our students have interned with collegiate and professional sports teams, international fashion companies, and regional and national publications. They present their work at academic conferences and consult with professional organizations. 

  • Earn "Internship Credits" as you can gain "real-world" experience and complete the program at the same time.
  • Travel to major cities to network with industry professionals including some of our esteemed alumni.
  • Find internships on campus, in industry, and around the globe. 

The best way to explore what the student experience really looks like is to schedule a visit!


What You’ll Learn in the Communications Program

Our Communications curriculum is comprehensive and our graduates are skilled in all facets of the profession. They develop technical skills in Desktop Publishing, Video and Audio Production, and Digital Editing classes. They build strategic skills in Public Relations, Advertising, and Social Media  courses. 


Communications Classroom


  • Key Topics
  • Degree Paths
  • Learning Objectives
  • All Communications majors complete courses in media literacy, writing, public speaking, social media, audio/video production, advertising, public relations, and multi-platform journalism, plus they complete an internship.


    Key Topics

    Social Media Strategies introduces students to the strategic use of digital and social media platforms within the communications industry. This convergence course requires students to utilize various social media techniques to interact with audiences across various business,  journalism, and public relations fields.


    Multi-Platform Storytelling affords students the opportunity to develop communications messages across a range of media platforms. Students sharpen their writing, design, editing, and production skills while creating content for use within multiple media environments. 


    Sports Reporting introduces students to the fundamentals of sports writing and broadcasting, as well as careers in athletic media relations. Students develop the skills and abilities to produce and package sports content for today's convergent media environment. They are also introduced to sports broadcasting, statistical analysis, and event management.


    Internship Credits are built into the major so students gain "real-world" experience and complete their studies at the same time.

    Specializations within the Major


    Digital Concentration:  Desktop Publishing,  Audio/Video Production, Digital Image Editing, Graphic Design, Social Media Strategies, and Photojournalism


    Integrated Marketing Communications:  Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Global Marketing, and Market Research skills will equip students to perform market analysis and develop strategic marketing concepts.

  • Choose your undergraduate path


    Communications, B.S. Degree Paths


    Course Catalog 

    Plan of Study

    Communications, B.S. 

    on campus program 

    Course Catalog - 24/25

    Plan of Study

    Concentration: Digital Media  

    on-site specialization that can be taken as part of the  B.S.


    Plan of Study

    Concentration: Integrated Marketing Communicationson-site specialization that can be taken as part of the  B.S. Plan of Study
    Concentration: Digital Media & Integrated Marketing Communicationson-site specialization that can be taken as part of the  B.S. Plan of Study

    More Opportunities

    Double Major: Comm+ Marketing

    Many Comm majors also earn a B.S. in Marketing at the same time. 

    Explore the Marketing Major at SFU

  • Upon successful completion of the Undergraduate Communications Program, you will be able to:

    • Demonstrate, in the Spirit of Saint Francis in the Marketplace, knowledge of the ethical value choices and responsibilities of business leaders.
    • Demonstrate skills in Public Relations, Advertising, Social Media, and more.
    • Demonstrate technical skills in Desktop Publishing, Video Production, and Digital Editing.
    • Demonstrate knowledge of the fundamental principles in communications.
    • Demonstrate the ability to connect with others.
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Experienced communication faculty who love to teach

The communications undergraduate faculty teach with a passion for their students’ success. Using our “curriculum of caring” as a source of inspiration, we have moved away from the traditional role of teacher to that of “facilitator of learning”, helping you take on the responsibility of self-direction. 


Department Contact: Dr. Kelly Rhodes, 814-472-3379,

Career Outlook in Communications

Strong Salary Potential: The average annual income for the Communications Major job category in the United States was $72,776 in May 2023, according to ZipRecruiter.  Plus, the increase in earnings potential you will see as you gain experience is considerable. Many experienced professionals earn more than $100,000 annually.


Growth Industry: Employment in media communication occupations is projected to grow 6 percent by 2031! There are many options for Communications graduates - you might become a designer, public relations specialist, sales manager, web or print reporter, advertising or marketing manager, writer or editor, just to name a few career paths.  Graduates of our Communications Program are prepared to find success in a wide array of media and communications fields.  


SFU Grads: Graduates of our program have moved on to careers in advertising, broadcasting, corporate communications, journalism, and public relations. Saint Francis Communications majors interested in continuing their education following their undergraduate studies have advanced to graduate and law schools across the country.


Communications 435 Award Winners


Frequently Asked Questions About Communications and Saint Francis University

  • What can I do with a degree in communications?

    Graduates of our Communications Program are prepared to find success in a wide array of media and communications fields. Graduates of our program have moved on to a variety of careers in the industry, including advertising, broadcasting, corporate communication, journalism and public relations.