Behavioral Science Degree, Bachelor of Science


Earn a behavioral science degree online from Saint Francis University

If you’re fascinated by human behavior, you might be interested in studying behavioral sciences through the Division of Professional Studies-the right place to earn your degree in behavioral science.


Offered: On-Line 


Designed for returning adult students 


Degree completion



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Behavioral Science
The SFU Learning Experience

Understanding Human Behavior

Our Franciscan approach to behavioral science focuses on bringing compassion and ethics to every interaction. Courses are taught by caring, dedicated professionals who love teaching adult students and are committed to your success.


Why do businesses seek individuals with degrees in behavioral science?


  • To help their organizations find ways to understand consumer behavior

Why do government agencies seek individuals with a behavioral science degree?


  • To help inform public policy

This interdisciplinary degree combines a core of psychology, sociology, and social work with a liberal studies curriculum reflecting the goals of Franciscan Higher Education. 


What You'll Learn in the Behavioral Science  Program 

This online degree completion program is designed to provide an accelerated pathway for adult students interested in pursuing an undergraduate degree in behavioral sciences or human and social services. Students will have the opportunity to maximize their prior college-level coursework or associate degrees(s) with this program. 

  • Curriculum
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Degree Awarded

    Behavioral Science, B.S.

    Plan of StudyCourse Catalog -23/24 

    Estimated Completion Time

    Typically 3-5 years of part-time study

    Total Credits Required

    128 credits





  • Student Learning Outcomes:

    • Articulate the importance of the positive value of human diversity and knowledge of special populations who are at risk of, and/or victims of prejudice and discrimination.
    • Illustrate through written and oral presentation a theoretical and applied understanding of the major functions involved in interactions between individuals, families, groups, and their environment.
    • Demonstrate the ability to use current technology and statistical methods in the processes of researching, problem-solving, and applying solutions to issues in the behavioral sciences.
    • Possess a functional understanding of professional ethics.
    • Adopt a global perspective in the evaluation of human needs and the different ways in which these needs are addressed.
    • Analyze and assess the impact of policy, programs, and services on various populations. 
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Experienced Faculty who Love to Teach


Division of Professional Studies Faculty 

Degree and certificate programs offered through the Division of Professional Studies are taught by an advantageous mix of accomplished SFU faculty and industry experts who are passionate about teaching adult learners. 


In our bachelor of science degree online courses, you will find faculty who:

  • Bring real-world expertise into the classroom.
  • Tailor their online courses to best deliver the subject matter.
  • Are trained in effective online teaching styles and technology tools.

Career Outlook in Behavioral Science Studies

With a behavioral science online degree, you can advance to acquire positions in the human services field, law enforcement or correction positions. Those that have earned a behavioral science degree have gone on to be:


  • Case Managers
  • Advocates
  • Counselors
  • Directors
  • Youth Workers
  • Specialists
  • Public Welfare Workers
  • Corrections Officers 

Frequently Asked Questions About the Behavioral Science Program at Saint Francis University

  • What are some of the goals of this program?

    Behavioral Science program goals include the following:

    • To ground students in the theories, concepts, knowledge, and skills in the applied behavioral sciences which are essential in the understanding and analysis of the interconnectedness of human behavior and the environment.
    • To assist students to understand and respect complexities of human interaction among diverse populations and the impact of the cultural environment of family, workplace, and community.
    • To prepare students for employment or graduate studies.
    • To foster professional and personal growth through understanding and addressing ethical and moral issues.
    • To challenge students to become self-aware through reflective thinking and constructive analysis in an effort to problem solve and improve the quality of life of various populations.
    • To encourage students to creatively contribute to their communities through policies, programs and services.
  • Will the credits I have already received transfer?

    Yes. Saint Francis University provides generous transfer credits for previous coursework, with a complimentary credit audit available. The behavioral science degree program offers a degree completion format, which allows transfer credits from your associate degree (including criminal justice) earned at other institutions. 


    Additional college coursework or military credits may also be evaluated for potential transfer into this degree.

  • What are the core courses?
    The Bachelor of Science degree in Behavioral Science through Division of Professional Studies provides a strong Behavioral Science core. The core includes courses in psychology, sociology, and social work.
    The core develops the necessary knowledge and competencies for students to enter into the workforce or to apply to graduate school.
  • What are some of the organizations that have hired SFU graduates from the behavioral science program?

    Some of the organizations that hire our graduates include:


    • Social Service Organizations
    • Counseling Centers
    • Advocacy Groups
    • Hospitals
    • County, State, and Federal Agencies
    • Law Enforcement Agencies
  • What can I do after this program to further my degree?

    Completion of the behavioral science degree program will aid in preparing students to pursue graduate school in a related field or to enter the workforce in human/social services, administration, or related field.