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Business Analytics, Bachelor of Science


Earn a Prestigious Business Analytics Degree from Saint Francis University

Business analysts are needed in nearly every industry. The Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics through the Shields School of Business will get you ready to use methods, tools, and software to transform data into powerful information. The curriculum focuses on programming, statistics, data management, and data transformation and visualization.


Offered: On-Campus

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program curriculum current with influx of industry’s data needs and trends
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classes taught by award-winning faculty with years of professional experience 
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build skills in programming, statistics, data management, and more!
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Business Analytics the Saint Francis Way

As a student in our Business Analytics degree program, you will experience a camaraderie unique to Saint Francis University. Small class sizes mean there will be ample opportunities to connect with other students and your professors will know you by name. This level of encouragement combined with our faculty’s expertise in all areas of business will help you achieve your highest potential. 

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Data creation is reaching staggering levels.
Organizations of all types are increasingly searching for ways to leverage this new treasure trove of information. If you can harness and translate data, you can create a new understanding,  drive decisions, and set the strategic direction.


Business Analytics skills are in high demand.
 Analyzing data and creating actionable plans is a highly desired skill set in every industry. Executives need data-driven reviews of departments, programs, products, and people. 


Society relies on ethical analytics to grow and succeed.
Healthcare professionals use data analytics to improve patient care, methods, and processes. Manufacturers use analytics to provide make products safer.  production recommendations. Law enforcement analyzes trends in crime to protect communities.  Nonprofits shape positive change with the knowledge data brings.    

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What You’ll Learn in the Business Analytics Program

Business Analytics undergraduate education requires you not only to accumulate knowledge in areas of business but that it be accompanied by the simultaneous acquisition of skills and professional attitudes and behaviors. The degree awarded to you by Saint Francis University at the completion of the educational process certifies that you have acquired a base of knowledge and skills requisite to work in accounting at the respective undergraduate or graduate level.


Additionally, upon completion of the Saint Francis University BS program curriculum, you will possess a foundation for graduate study.

  • Undergraduate Path
  • Accelerated/Graduate
  • Learning Objectives
  • Accreditation
  • On-Campus: 

    Degree Paths


    Course Catalog 

    Plan of Study

    Business Analytics, B.S. 

    on-campus program 

    Course Catalog - 23/24

    Plan of Study

    Concentration: Entrepreneurship  

    specialization that can be taken as part of the  B.S.

    Course Catalog - 23/24

    Plan of Study

  • Accelerated/Advanced Degree Options

    Advanced Degree Paths 



    Plan of Study

    Accelerated MBA/Business Analytics

    For high achievers: earn both an undergraduate business analytics degree and an MBA in 4 years

    Course Catalog - 23/24

    Plan of Study

  • The Shields School of Business will graduate students who have the knowledge, skills, love of learning, confidence, drive, and ethical and moral values needed to be spiritually fulfilled in life and successful in professional careers.


    Upon completion of this program, students are able to:

    • Demonstrate, in the Spirit of Saint Francis in the Marketplace, knowledge of the ethical value choices and responsibilities of businesses and business leaders;
    • Demonstrate knowledge of the fundamental principles in business in the functional areas of accounting, information systems, finance, management, and marketing;
    • Demonstrate knowledge of the legal, social, economic environments of business;
    • Demonstrate knowledge of the global dimension of business;
    • Integrate the functional areas of business in the process of decision making;
    • Demonstrate the ability to professionally communicate.
  • Accreditation Statement: This new program has not yet received specialized accreditation. The department plans on applying after its first graduating class.


    Saint Francis University has received specialized accreditation for its business programs through the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE), located in Lenexa, Kansas.
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Experienced accounting faculty who love to teach

You will learn from professors who not only hold the highest levels of both academic and professional certification including the CPA and CMA but who also have years of professional experience.  Guest speakers and site visits augment the instruction in several courses to enrich the value of the program.


Department Contact: Dr. Angela Seidel,, 814-472-3076

Career Outlook in Business Analytics

Growth Industry: Statistical analysis and data mining are among the top 10 skills sought by potential employers globally, according to LinkedinThe United States Bureau of Labor Statistics ranks the professions of “statistician” and “operations research analyst” among its top 20 fastest growing professions.


SFU Grads:

Here are some of the opportunities that our graduates have taken:

  • Management Analyst/Consultant
  • Data Scientist
  • Big Data Analytics Specialist
  • Research Analyst
  • Manager of Services or Manufacturing Operations
  • Data Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Market Research Analyst

Frequently Asked Questions About Business Analytics and Saint Francis University

  • Is there a demand for graduates with a Business Analytics Degree?

    YES!   In fact statistical analysis and data mining are among the top 10 skills sought by potential employers globally, according to LinkedIn.  Not only that, but 
    the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics ranks the professions of “statistician” and “operations research analyst” among its top 20 fastest growing professions.