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Transfer Credit and Articulation Agreements

  • Adult Degree & Continuing Studies at Saint Francis University values and honors your prior experience and credits. We are excited that you are interested in transferring to Saint Francis University’s Adult Degree & Continuing Studies! We know that a major concern for transfer students is if and how their previous coursework is going to transfer. Ease your mind in knowing that Saint Francis University’s ADCS program has a generous credit transfer policy. Your prior special training, whether through the military, a vocational program or other education, plus CLEP exams, etc. are all ways to receive credit and accelerate your degree and goals!

    • Military
    • Testing
    • Postsecondary Schools
    • College in High School
    • Workplace and Specialized Training
    • MilitaryMilitary credits will be considered for transfer credit
    • Our advisors will work with you to maximize your military transfer experience 

    Students Testing

    • Dantes, DSST, CLEP, NOCTI are all considered for credit
    • Students have the option to transfer in credit with previously taken exams or can take CLEP exams for some courses offered here at SFU. For more information about CLEP exams, visit:  


    Postsecondary Schools

    Post Secondary SchoolADCS has invested time into building agreements with regional schools so that students attending postsecondary schools can transfer in credits into one of our Certificate, Associate, or Bachelor Degree programs. Two criteria guide the process of transferring credits from another postsecondary school.

    • The school must be accredited
    • The student must pass the course with a grade of “C” or higher

    We accept credits from a variety of schools, including:

    • Career and Tech schools
    • Business Schools
    • Community Colleges
    • Colleges/Universities
    College in High School

    College in High SchoolClasses taken in high school for college credit can be applied toward ADCS Certificate, Associate, and Bachelor degree programs. 

    Workplace and Specialized Training

    Workplace TrainingTraining completed for certifications (for example-CEUs), workplace requirements, or other specialized training will be considered for credit transfer.