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Communications & Marketing

The Office of Communications & Marketing is an in-house team of strategic marketers, designers and communicators who bring this message to life through advertising, marketing, communications, and public relations activities.   

  •  Communications & Marketing Requests 

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    Update your web content?
    Promote a new major?
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  • Branding 101: SFU Identity Guidelines

    Brand identity guide

    Delve into the messaging surrounding the SFU brand story.
    Find logos files and photos and more.
    Become that Someone! 

    University Brand Guidelines

  • Explore the media hub for scoop on SFU

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    The SFU media hub showcases news, features, major University’s publications, videos and photo galleries.  Press inquiries are welcome!

    Explore the Media Hub

  • What we do:

    • oversee brand standards for all public-facing marketing and communication projects
    • develop marketing and advertising initiatives to enhance enrollment at both the graduate and undergraduate levels
    • create strategic publications including the Saint Francis University Magazine
    • set social media strategy for the University-level accounts and offers guidance to department-level account holders.
    • serve as the official University communications hub providing messaging to external and internal audiences on issues of strategic importance
    • distribute news items related to university activities and facilitates media contacts and public relations  

  • Our university motto “become that someone” speaks to our Catholic-Franciscan mission to help students become compassionate, caring, successful professionals. The values of faith, generosity, respect, discovery, and joy run deep in our culture and attract students with a desire to become that someone who makes a difference in the lives of others.