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ADCS Offerings

  • Choose your Career Path

    Every journey starts with the first step. Saint Francis offers certificate, associate and bachelor degree programs that will keep you in stride. Each level of programming is designed to seamlessly transition you into the next level. As you progress through the adult degree programs, there are benchmarks. These benchmarks provide an internal sense of accomplishment, but also show progress on your resume.

    The personal service in our office is intended to make you the most marketable candidate or employee you can be. Our professional staff is trained to recognize the details that will differentiate you as you pursue your goals. We support the goals, interests, schedules, and needs of the adult learner.  Our programs, courses, and degree-granting opportunities will help you reach the goals you set for yourself. The next step is talking with one of our personal advisors to design a complete education and career plan for one of our programs:

    Degrees & Programs

    For a comprehensive listing of degrees and programs we offer, see below or go to the Saint Francis University academic catalog and scroll to Adult Degree and Continuing Studies area in the left menu. 

  • Associate's Degree

    Associate of Science Degrees

    Associate of Applied Science Degrees

    The University offers Associate of Applied Science degrees in cooperation with the following post-secondary providers:

    Greater Altoona Career & Technology Center

    Students interested in a Saint Francis University Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree can choose from three certificate programs available through the Altoona Career and Technology Center. The Computer Information Specialist program is the basis for the Saint Francis University AAS program in Human Resource/Computer Technology. The Computer Repair Technology program can lead to AAS degrees in Engineering/Mechanical technology. Students interested in the Medical Assistant program can work toward an AAS degree in Healthcare Technology.

    Greater Johnstown Career & Technology Center

    The Greater Johnstown Career and Technology Center offers post-secondary diplomas in four areas of study which are recognized towards Saint Francis University AAS degrees. Students with certificates in Electrical Technology, Electronics Technology, Microcomputer Technology, and Commercial Art are eligible to pursue AAS degrees in Engineering/Mechanical Technology.

    Indiana County Technology Center

    The Indiana County Technology Center offers post-secondary diplomas in three areas that directly articulate into one of three AAS degrees at Saint Francis University. Students graduating from Medical Assistant or Practical Nursing can transfer into the AAS in Health Professions Technology. Students in trades-related fields of study can transfer into the AAS in Engineering/Mechancial Technology degree. Students graduating from Computer Systems Management, Digital Media Technology, Cosmetology, Culinary Arts, and Graphics/Electronic Media can transfer into the AAS in Human Resources/Computer Technology. 

    Area Health Care Providers

    The Adult Degree & Continuing Studies office at Saint Francis University works in cooperation with Altoona Regional, the Conemaugh Health System and other providers to afford students AAS degree opportunities. Students interested in pursuing AAS degrees in health professions technology must complete the 27 credit diploma in their prescribed curriculum through their respective institutions.

    Certificate Programs

    Post-Baccalaureate Certification Program

    These certificate programs were created for local adults who need short-term, career-oriented programs that include practical knowledge for today's workforce. These 24-credit programs are valuable to those beginning careers or to those changing career directions.

    Post-Baccalaureate Certification Program

    Early Childhood Education (leads to K-4 certification in Pennsylvania)
    This certificate is for adult students with any bachelor’s degree who want to change careers or focus on early childhood education certification. Classroom observations and student teaching are completed in a school or center near where the adult learner lives or works. 

    Other Certificates