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ADCS: Medical Laboratory Science, B.S.H.S.

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    The Bachelor of Health Science degree with a concentration in Medical Laboratory Science (B.H.S.M.L.S.) is a degree completion program designed to provide professional development and educational options for Medical Laboratory Technicians (MLTs). The program is developed for health care professionals with prior college-level course work and health care experience in a lab. The Medical Laboratory Science curriculum includes a health science core and a liberal studies core embodying the University's educational goals of providing knowledge, skills, and values.

    Individuals enrolling in the B.H.S.M.L.S. program must have completed the following:

    • An associate degree or a minimum of 64 credits from an accredited institution(s) in medical laboratory science
    • A completed application form and one letter of recommendation
    • Official transcripts from all post-secondary study
  • Medical Laboratory Science Core ( 45 Credits )

    BIOL 111 - Introduction to Biology: Molecules, Cells, and Animal Physiology

    BIOL 205 - Human Anatomy and Physiology I

    BIOL 206 - Human Anatomy and Physiology II

    BIOL 214 - Clinical Microbiology

    CHEM 101 - Chemical Principles I

    CHEM 102 - Chemical Principles II

    CHEM 103 - Human Chemistry I

    CHEM 201 - Organic Chemistry I

    PA 200 - Medical Terminology

    MGMT 101 - Principles of Management

    MGMT 201 - Human Resource Management

    MIS 102 - Management Information Systems

    STAT 101 - Elementary Statistics or

    STAT 301 - Quantitative Business Analysis I

    *Restricted Electives (9 credits) from the following courses:


    BIOL 104 - Human Heredity

    BIOL 305 - Immunology

    EXPH 205 - Common Sports Injuries

    EXPH 250 - Functional Anatomy

    HIST 495 - Selected Topics in History

    NEUR 279 - Introduction to Neuroscience

    NURS 311 - Human Nutrition

    PA 404 - Public Health (B.S., MPAS)

    PHYS 104 - An Introduction to Physics I

    PSYC 305 - Memory and Cognition

    PSYC 314 - Biopsychology

    RLST 330 - Death, Dying, and the Near-Death Experience

    SOC 312 - Medical Sociology

    SPAN 203 - Conversational Medical Spanish

    *Or other related courses with permission of the program director.


    Liberal Studies Component ( 42 Credits )

    CPSC 101 - Introduction to Computer Systems

    ECON 101 - Principles of Economics I

    ENGL 103 - Writing for a Discipline

    ENGL 104 - Introduction to Literature

    PHIL 312 - Health Care Ethics

    RLST 205 - Faith and Franciscanism

    PLSC 102 - American National Government

    PSYC 101 - Introduction to Psychology

    SPCH 103 - Speech Fundamentals and Public Speaking

    SOC 101 - General Sociology or

    SOC 102 - American Society and its Problems or

    SOC 202 - Introduction to Women in Society

    FNAR (elective)

    HIST (elective)

    LANG (102 level or higher)

    MATH (107 or higher)

    Free Electives ( 32 Credits )

    32 Free Electives - Students often use this area to transfer in credits from other post-secondary schools or military. As well, students may opt to use this area to complete minor requirements, if seeking a minor in a particular field of study.

    Course Catalog Major Requirements
  • Total Credits 32

    Assessment Outcomes