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School of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Mathematics

Wherever your interests lie, we believe in helping every student develop a mind for exploration. Our newly built Science Center houses enhanced STEAM lab spaces, research & outreach facilities, and state-of-the-art collaboration areas for students. Courses in engineering, humanities, chemistry, fine arts, cyber security, zoo science and more provide a well-rounded curriculum for the student to build an interdisciplinary portfolio. 

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  • School Highlights

    • Our new 70,000 square-foot Science Center houses enhanced teaching & lab spaces, research & outreach facilities, and state-of-the-art collaboration areas for students.
    • Research is a large part of the undergraduate experience. Students have unique opportunities to conduct research as early as following their freshman year.
    • Our faculty members have been highly successful in receiving external funding for the enhancement of undergraduate STEAM education, both in the classroom and in the laboratory.
    • Our students practice their new skills through outreach activities such as Science Day, Multicultural Week, Darwin Day,  Rural Outreach Chemistry for Kids (ROCK),  PA Statistics Poster Competition, Pi Day, and many more.
    • Many students take part in study abroad programs and immersive learning experiences.
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