Fine Arts Programs at SFU

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Explore Saint Francis University's comprehensive approach to the arts through our offerings in music, university band, theatre and visual arts. 

The Center for Fine Arts

The Center for Fine Arts at Saint Francis University serves as a cultural and intellectual hub where students, as well as members of the community, can find fulfilling experiences through band, chorus, dance, drumming, photography, painting, drawing, theatrical performances and much more. 


The Keirn Family World War II Museum at Saint Francis University houses several special collections of artifacts and oral history projects. The origins of the primary collection lie with Altoona resident Joseph E. Keirn, a retired Command Sergeant Major in the United States Army.


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SAMA was founded to provide a cultural resource for the region’s underserved rural population. Today SAMA has five locations, yet its first museum is located on the Saint Francis University campus mall, adjacent to the Fine Arts plaza.


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The academic side of the Center for Fine Arts offers courses in music, theatre, and visual arts. 


Creative-minded courses for all majors: Creativity spurs innovation, and Fine Arts subjects foster the creative thinker within you.
Talents unlocked: Explore the arts—no matter what your current ability level. No fear here! 
Careers with soul: Creative pursuits align beautifully with many professions.  Design an individual study program to meld the arts into your career track. 
Beyond the book: Immerse yourself during our Semester in France experience. Or pursue an arts-related  activity near home.

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The Connors Family Fine Arts Center

future home of the Resinski Black Box Theatre

Ready to Learn More About Fine Arts at Saint Francis?

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