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Computer Science

Computer Science is an exciting, growing and challenging field which impacts almost every aspect of our lives. Our Computer Science program emphasizes a collegial relationship between faculty and students where faculty guide students in developing skills and concepts that are fundamental to the discipline today and in the future. 

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  • Why SFU?

    1. Real-world skills. The Computer Science program assists our students in developing skills in programming, networking, security, design and systems management.
    2. State-of-the-art Facilities. Because Computer Science is an ever-advancing field, we have dedicated a large portion of the new Science Center to a cutting-edge programming classroom as well as an advanced research laboratory, both of which are equipped with intricate work stations, large screen monitors and updated hardware and software. 
    3. Practical application. We continually develop new projects that provide students with practical application of their learned computer skills.

  • Majors
    • Gaming/ New Media Design and Production Concentration (B.S. in Computer Science) - Download Plan of Study | Course Catalog Major Requirements
      • This concentration encompasses the next generation of web and entertainment technologies, including computer science, visual story-telling, and graphic arts where words, images, sounds, and human commands are integrated to produce an exciting new media format. Students will spend the second semester of their junior year and first semester of their senior year onsite at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology where they will complete concentration coursework in Harrisburg's state-of-the-art production facilities.
    • Information Technology and Security Concentration (B.S. in Computer Science) - Download Plan of Study |  Course Catalog Major Requirements
      • This concentration is designed for students seeking a career in Information Technology. Emphasis is placed on system/network administration with particular attention paid to security-related issues.
    • Software Development Concentration (B.S. in Computer Science) - Download Plan of Study |  Course Catalog Major Requirements
      • This concentration is designed for students seeking a career in programming or software engineering. Emphasis is placed on issues related to knowing how to use all the features of modern programming languages, the design & implementation of algorithms, and the process of developing and maintaining software.
    • General Concentration (B.S. in Computer Science) - Download Plan of Study |  Course Catalog Major Requirements


  • Nearly 100% of our Computer Science graduates find employment in the field within 12 months of graduating at places such as:

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    • $1.5 Million DiSepio Chair Endowment
    • Dedicated facilities for CS students
    • Successful Career Paths
    $1.5 Million DiSepio Chair Endowment

    Funding for Undergraduate Research 

    • Undergraduates as early as the freshman year engage in real projects with real clients  mentored by Computer Science faculty.
    • Ample library resources are available on Information Assurance and Computer Security.
    • The DiSepio Information Assurance Scholarship for highly qualified students.
    • Three separate VM Networks: Testing, Coursework and Production

    Read more about Student Opportunities

    Dedicated facilities for CS students

    Information Assurance Laboratory and Research Space

    Special spaces designed specifically for CS majors equipped with enhanced technology resources to play, work and learn in. These exceptional spaces include:

    • The New DiSepio Information Assurance Laboratory dedicated to Security and Computer Science Research.
    • The "Wall of Monitors" which facilitates Computer Science student teams design and programming activities.
    • Upgraded VM Enterprise Network and enhanced bandwidth provides a rich playground for the CS student to exercise their talents in network and security administration.
    • The Advanced Programming Classroom with Dual Cloud monitors stations provide access to unique software environments for Computer Science students to learn, develop and administer.

    Successful Career Paths

    Employment opportunities abound

    The common skills needed for computer scientists to be successful in their chosen career are their ability to solve problems, excellent communication and working independently and as a member of a team, and because of this computer science graduates are some of the most sought-after graduates and earn among the highest salaries of any major right out of college. Career paths in CS consistently top the charts of "Best Jobs" lists.

    Computer Science OccupationExpected Employment Growth Median Salary

    Computer Systems Administrators


    Database Administrators


    Network Systems & Data Communications Analysts


    Computer Software Engineers – Applications Specialists

    Computer Software Engineers – Systems Specialists30%$92,430