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Multicultural Week

The free, week-long event includes cultural activities each day, culminating with a Multicultural Festival on the campus mall on Friday.  The festival features music, dance, artistry, poetry, and food from countries from all over the world.

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    • All events are open to the public.
    • Activities begin Sunday, September 16 through Friday, September 21, 2018
    • Events are held in various venues on Campus
    • See schedule below for details
  • Students clubs and programs represented include the International Student Programs, the International Student Organization, the American Sign Language ClubCampus Ministry, the History Club, the Anime Anonymous Club, Spanish Language and Culture, the French ProgramItalian StudiesStudy AbroadHugs United, Public Health the Literary Club, Mehendi Hand Art, the Gaming Club, Support Educate Advocate Love (SEAL), the Science Outreach CenterEnactus, the Italian Program and the Italian Club, and RED Radio.  

  • Schedule of Events

    Sunday, September 16:

    Festival of Gospel Music

    Description: An afternoon of sharing the African-American sacred music experience with
    all people and to show its influence on contemporary music. The program is designed to educate and provide and celebrate cultural enrichment. The gospel music is based on traditions
    coming out of the experience of slavery.
    Time 4:00-5:30 pm
    Place JFK Student Center

    Organized by Ms. Lynne Banks

    East Asian Cultural Displays

    Description: Stop by the Library and Learning Commons all week to view the display cases with East Asian dresses and artifacts.
    Organized by Ms. Renee Hoffman

    Monday, September 17:

    Student-Athlete Perspectives Panel: Women in Sports

    Description: Hear the perspectives of female athletes who were recruited by SFU from around the country and world. Learn about the inequalities women face in sport, including issues of representation and access, as well as the formative experiences that come from sport that females may be missing out on if their access to join is/was limited.
    Time 7:30-8:30 pm
    Place Kudricks-Oravec Vista Room, Schwab Hall
    Organized by Ms. Sara Ross

    Constitution Days

    Description: “On-the-Go” Activities you can participate in as you pass by including the game: Are You Smart Enough to be an American Citizen?, free pocket Constitutions, Which Founding Father Are You survey, a challenge to state America’s priorities in just 6 words, and voting for your favorite Amendment.
    Time 11am - 3pm
    Place Padua Lounge
    Organized by Dr. Joe Melusky

    Voter Registration Drive

    Description: Information about registration procedures, deadlines, absentee ballot requests, and more will be distributed via campus-wide e-mail. Hard copies of voter-registration forms and absentee-ballot applications will be available at the SFU Center for the Study of Government & Law table near Scotus 316.
    Co-sponsored by the SFU Center for the Study of Government & Law and the Pre-Law and History Clubs

    Global Buddies Kickoff

    Description: Spend 5-7 minutes with an international student to see who you connect closest with! This is a great opportunity to help international students transition into their new home while learning more about their culture.
    Time 4:30 - 6:30 pm
    Place  JFK Lounge
    Organized by the Center for Service & Learning

    Tuesday, September 18:

    Speaker: U.S. Magistrate Judge Keith Pesto

    Description: “Free Speech, Hate Speech, Obscene Speech and More: What’s Happened to the First Amendment?”
    Time 8-9am
    Place Scotus 207
    Organized by Dr. Joe Melusky

    Canine Behavior Class to Raise Money for Dorothy Day Outreach Center

    Description: Come say “hi” to the four new dogs from the Central PA Humane Society in the Canine Behavior class, and give a donation to support the Dorothy Day Outreach Center.
    Time 11:30am - 1pm
    Place In front of Scotus Hall
    Organized by Dr. Shlomit Fleisher-Grinberg

    “To Run a Constitution 2017: Interns’ Stories from the Field”

    Description: A roundtable discussion to hear from SFU students who have served internships in which they contributed to “running” our Constitution by making government work or by participating in other leadership activities.
    Time 12:15pm – 1:15pm            
    Place Disepio 201
    Organized by Dr. Joe Melusky

    Enactus Event

    Description: This presentation will detail the philanthropic work The Shield's School of Business' Enactus club has done in Guinea.  Enactus will be selling raffle tickets for a Bedford Springs getaway to support a sewing school for girls in Guinea Africa.  
    Time 6-7:30pm
    Place JFK Lounge
    Organized by Mr. Kent Tonkin

    The World is Your Classroom

    Description: During this CES event, a panel of students will talk about their study abroad experiences. SFU programs are offered in France, Italy, Taiwan, Costa Rica, Bolivia, St. Lucia, and more. Join us and hear the students' stories of their adventures and learn how you, too, can study abroad.
    Time 7-8pm
    Place DiSepio 201
    Organized by Ms. Juliana Horvath

    Wednesday, September 19:

    International Poetry & Coffee House

    Description: SFU students, faculty and staff read published poems by established writers of a diverse background or poems they’ve written themselves on stage. The idea is to have a "coffee shop" environment. Coffee, tea, and sweets from around the world will be provided.
    Time 4-6pm
    Place Frankie’s in JFK
    Organized by the Literary Club

    Thursday, September 20:

    Visiting Scholar Guest Speaker, Dr. Shahin Kachwala, Visiting Asst. Professor - SUNY-Oneonta

    Description: “Goddesses, Mothers, and Suicide Bombers: Women and the Making of Indian Modernity”. In her lecture, Dr. Kachwala will analyze iconography of women in visual artifacts and cinematic representations to interrogate the gendered nature of nationalism and examine the larger project of Indian modernity.
    Time 4:45-6:15 pm
    Place Sullivan 120
    Organized by Dr. Roxana Cazan

    Friday, September 21:

    Multicultural Festival

    Description: Over 30 tables representing various clubs, departments, interest groups across campus will provide samples of cuisines from around the world, games and information. On the main stage watch the SFU World Drum & Dance Ensemble (featuring students, staff, faculty and community members), Irish Dance (Amanda Ferguson), Italian Songs (performed by Kaycee Thomas), the ASL Club (featuring Marah Zitone & Amanda Ferguson), an Operatic Aria from ‘Carmen’ (performed by Marlo Vandiver & accompanied by Theresa Wilson) and other performances.
    Time 11am - 2:30pm
    Place Campus Mall
    Organized by Dr. Gale Dearmin and Dr. Lori Woods