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Environmental Degrees

What environmental degree is right for you? Here's a quick summary of the various environmental programs available at Saint Francis University.

  • Environmental Engineering FlumeEnvironmental Engineering:

    Environmental Engineering is a major within the School of Sciences; students receive a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering. In this major, students prepare for careers as engineers suited to address problems in the matrix of water, air, and soil. Students can earn concentrations in renewable energy or in ecological engineering through this major. Students in this program take courses such as Fluid Mechanics; Aquatic and Atmospheric Chemistry; Hazardous Materials Engineering; and Environmental Engineering Field Measurements. The program is housed on the ground floor of the Science Center and showcases the Soil Strata display. 

    Bee Keeping

    Environmental Studies:

    Environmental Studies can be done as a major  with students receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies or a Minor within the School of Arts and Letters. This interdisciplinary program is for students pursuing careers in areas such as environmental advocacy, environmental education, ecotourism, parks services, environmental policy-making, and environmental law. Students in this program take courses such as Ecology; Environmental Ethics; and Beekeeping. Environmental Studies is housed in Scotus Hall.

    Environmental Engineering

    Environmental Chemistry:

    Environmental Chemistry is a concentration within the Chemistry major. Students receive a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. In this concentration, focus is on the presence and impact of chemicals in soil, surface water, and groundwater and how these effect the ecosystems, animals and human health. Students take courses such as Ecology; Human Toxicology; and Environmental Chemistry. Chemistry is housed on the second floor of the Science Center. 

    Environmental ScienceEcology & Environmental Biology

    Ecology & Environmental Biology is a concentration within the Biology major focusing on the discipline of ecology, or how organisms interact with each other and their environment. Students receive a Bachelor of Science in Biology. In this program, students take courses such as Ecology, Conservation Biology, Zoology, Botany and Freshwater Biology to prepare for careers as environmental biologists in such fields as wildlife management, resource conservation, or environmental education. Biology is housed on the first floor of the Science Center.