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Online Master of Health Science

At Saint Francis University, we're devoted to our mission of supporting students as they pursue the skills necessary to positively impact health care and the healthcare industry.  We strive to provide the foundation for students to become that someone they were meant to be.  With this goal in mind, we're proud to offer the online Master of Health Science (MHSc) degree to help passionate, working professionals like you move into leadership and have a greater impact on healthcare.

    • 100% online program with 24/7 access to courses
    • Number 9 best online mhs 2019
    • Become a Leader in Healthcare
    • One of the nation's first masters degree in health science to be offered online
    • Flexible format that is highly customizable to your career goals
  • The 30 credit online Master of Health Science degree program provides graduate education delivered through a flexible format tailored to meet your career goals.  The student-centered program offers concentrations in health education and health leadership, allowing you to customize your education.

    As one of the nation’s first masters degree in health science to be offered online, we continuously apply our experience to offer high-quality, interactive, and accessible programs to our students. The program can be completed entirely as it suits your schedule, with most students needing only five semesters or about 18 months. This makes SFU’s online Masters of Health Science degree program a practical option for working professionals, allowing you to balance your busy schedule while working toward the future you desire.

    • Program Mission, Vision, and Outcomes
    • Curriculum
    • Specialty Tracks
    • Degree Requirements
    • SFU Difference
    • Online Experience
    • International Students
    Program Mission, Vision, and Outcomes

    MHS Mission: To educate and develop health care leaders in a supportive, innovative, and flexible online format, guided by the goals of Franciscan Higher Education.

    MHS Vision: Empowering students to make a positive impact within the healthcare industry.

    Upon completion of the MHS Program, graduates will be able to:

    • Use research to develop evidence based regimes/programs to address unmet needs
    • Apply leadership knowledge and skills evolving within healthcare environment while appreciating the uniqueness of self and others
    • Facilitate and drive the effective balance of social/cultural, policy/legal and ethical issues inherent to health care.

    You can graduate from the online master of health science program with new skills in the following areas:

    • Develop and lead effective health education campaigns
    • Evaluating and addressing contemporary ethical concerns
    • Communicating effectively across a healthcare organization
    • Leading a multi-disciplinary or departmental team
    • Reviewing and shaping health policy

    The MHS curriculum explores the relevant ethical concerns, management challenges, and communication strategies that are a critical part of any healthcare leader's skill-set.  Each of the online health science degree's practical, focused courses are shaped and taught by leaders in the field.  Our faculty members are devoted to helping you succeed - not just as a student, but as a growing healthcare professional.

    Learn more about the MHS Curriculum

    Meet the MHS Faculty

    Specialty Tracks

    The MHSc is designed to suit students from diverse career backgrounds and levels of comfort with online learning.  A variety of professionals interested in pursuing new or expanded career paths can benefit from the program, including clinicians, health educators, researchers, and technicians.  As a student, you can choose to pursue specialty tracks in one of these areas, building an expanded set of abilities to suit your professional goals:

    • Health Education
    • Health Leadership

    You can create your own course of study by selecting courses from either track, or you can pursue more than one specialty track.  In this case, completing the program will require more than 30 credits.  

    Learn more about our Specialty Tracks

    Degree Requirements

    Master of Health Science, MHSc - Download Degree Tracking Form | Course Catalog Requirements  

    Students will qualify for the MHSc degree after completion of the 30-credit program of study with a minimum quality point average (QPA) of 2.8.  In addition, students must maintain a grade of "C" or better in each of their individual courses.  All program requirements must be completed within five years of enrollment.  Note: All documents required for degree conferral must be received by the Registrar's Office within one semester for degrees to be posted at the newest (to degree completion) University graduation date.  Degree conferral will take place at the nearest University graduation date (May, August, December) following completion of all (academic and administrative) program requirements. 


    SFU Difference

    At Saint Francis University, our fundamental mission is to truly connect with every individual that pursues our programs.  While our curriculum is carefully designed to reflect high standards of academic excellence, our approach to learning reaches far beyond building comprehensive, practical courses of study.

    We maintain small class sizes and emphasize active, ongoing discussions, which allows our approachable faculty to support each student's unique path to personal and professional growth.  At SFU, every student's perspective is respected as distinct and powerful, as we believe in everyone's capacity to have a positive impact on the world.  We challenge our students on an individual level to reach their full potential and discover new heights of achievement.

    We are perpetually inspired by our students - both their commitment to learning and their passion for serving others.  We work diligently to offer the same inspiration in return, helping students become both leaders in their field and in their communities.

    Since its founding in 1847, SFU has stood by its Franciscan heritage with pride, employing the values of Saint Francis of Assissi:

    • A Humble and Generous Attitude Toward Learning
    • Reverence for All Life and for the Goodness of All Humanity
    • Respect for the Uniqueness of Individual Persons
    • A Global, Interconnected Perspective
    • The Connecting Power of Faith and Prayer
    • Service to the Poor and the Needy

    It is this dedication to Saint Francis' message of generosity, individualism, and exploration that makes studying at SFU an exceptional experience.  We look forward to learning what makes you unique and adding your distinct voice to our learning community.


    Online Experience

    Academic Excellence―Accessed From Anywhere

    As a pioneer in online health science education, we pass the benefit of our experience in distance learning directly to our students. We have created a seamless, flexible experience that allows students to access their coursework from anywhere, at any time, and receive practical, meaningful instruction.

    The Canvas Learning Management System includes platforms for active discussion forums, lecture presentations that can be viewed when it suits your schedule, streaming video, group collaboration software, and other tools as they apply to each course.

    When coupled with the engaging learning materials presented by SFU’s expert faculty, the online masters degree in health science provides an educational experience that is both comprehensive and convenient. The distance learning format allows for a significant degree of flexibility for professionals with schedules that don’t allow for traditional education.

    At Saint Francis University, we want each of our distance learners to feel like valued members of the student community and develop a strong connection to our faculty and the school itself. Students will work closely with their academic advisor to plan their progression through the curriculum. This is a collaborative effort designed to assist each student in achieving their academic, personal, and career goals. Our online experience reflects these efforts, as we use every tool at our disposal to deliver learning content that is relevant, engaging, and encourages active discussion.

    We hope to see you in our online classroom!

    International Students

    At Saint Francis University, we strive to support a community of dedicated, compassionate individuals in-keeping with our strong commitment to Franciscan values. This effort transcends national borders, which is why we are proud to offer our online degree programs to students from all over the globe. As an online student, you will experience the same level of individual attention and community interaction as our on-campus students, but from the comfort of your own home.

    Pursuing advanced careers in healthcare is a noble goal, and one that can help you make a positive impact on the global community. We are immensely proud of the program’s graduates and their ongoing service in hospitals, clinics, and mission projects in countries around the globe. We hope you will decide to join us and bring your unique perspective to the online learning experience at Saint Francis University.

    Those applying to the online Master of Health Science (MHS) program from outside the U.S. must provide an independent evaluation of their previous coursework as part of the admissions process. International students can obtain this report through World Education Services (WES) or any other NACES-approved organization. The assessment allows us to determine the ways in which academic work completed in other countries relates to the admissions requirements and curriculum of the MHS Program.

    International students should note that since the program is delivered online and does not have a residency requirement, SFU cannot issue a student visa.

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