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MMS Curriculum

  • Students will complete 13 course credits over 4 semesters (approximately 15 months) to include:

    • MMS 503 Research Methodologies (3 credits) 
    • MMS 507 Advanced Pharmacology (3 credits) 
    • MMS 513 Clinical Residency Project (4 credits) 
    • MMS 521 Clinical Applications in Primary Care (3 credits)

    **First class will be either 503 or 507 with 513 and 521 being completed in the latter half of MMS Program.

    When can students begin in the MMS Program?

    When the student begins the program is typically a collaborative decision with the PA Program Director and MMS Director

    • Students may begin MMS earlier in their PA Program, most likely late in the didactic year (year 1). This permits completion of both PA Program and MMS at approximately the same time
    • They may also choose to begin MMS coursework during their clinical year. In this case, the MMS Program may extend one semester longer than clinicals
    • For students who are concerned about the academic load for dual enrollment (PA Program and MMS), MMS can be completed anytime within five years after your PA Program graduation date. 

    Tuition billing will be based on a per-credit rate for the 13 MMS online course credits. 

    Course Catalog Major Requirements