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Leadership Development

  • Leadership PIC

    Our Leadership Philosophy

    St. Francis of Assisi was serious about leadership…and so are we!  We’re always looking for those students who get active in their communities, who lead movements, and who are motivated by challenge and accomplishment. Our leadership philosophy is simple…it fuses personal values, technical skills, and embracing diversity and the uniqueness of others– and mixes them all together for the purposes of building a better community for everyone. Here at Saint Francis University there are so many ways to stand out while never standing alone.

  • Emerging Leaders

    Emerging Leaders

    The SFU Emerging Leaders are students who have a strong desire to refine and develop their leadership skills and abilities through new adventures, training seminars and volunteer service. Our philosophy is that we should strive to Learn the Way so that we may Know the Way; then to Model the Way so that we may Teach the Way. It is then that we Emerge as Leaders. The program incorporates the core competencies of the F.L.A.S.H. Leadership initiative over the students' first three years at SFU while providing a unique experience each year.Only incoming Freshmen students are eligible to join. As an incoming student you will receive an application in the mail before the start of your first semester. NOTE: Only 12 students will be selected each year!!!

    F.L.A.S.H. Leadership Initiatives

    FLASH Leadership

    Our philosophy of student-leadership development is put into practice through the F.L.A.S.H. Leadership Initiative. F.L.A.S.H., or Franciscan Leaders: Achieve, Serve, and Honor, focuses on leadership development, character formation, and responsible citizenship -- all inspired by the institution's Catholic, Franciscan mission. Regardless of one's faith or faith practices, it is the belief of Saint Francis University that the values and moral example provided by our Patron, St. Francis of Assisi, transcends time, culture, and religion to offer a universal and purely human approach to service in leadership.

    Greek Life

    SFU Greek Life

    SFU Greek Life is a historical character & leadership development experience. First established on campus by the Franciscan Friars in the 1940's, Our Greek Life community stands as the oldest Greek system at any Catholic college in the U.S. Fraternities & Sororities provide endless opportunities for scholastic achievement, leadership development, community service outreach, philanthropic initiative, and life-long fellowship. Greek Life plays a very important part the overall student-life culture at SFU and the recognized Greek Life organizations represent the very best & brightest of our student-leaders. The SFU Greek Life program incorporates the core competencies of the F.L.A.S.H. Leadership Development initiative.

    Student Government Association


    The Student Government Association, or S.G.A., serves as the main branch of government for the University’s student body. As an S.G.A. member you are involved in many campus discussions to improve life on campus. In addition to these responsibilities, S,G. A. also funds many of the school’s recognized student clubs and organizations and sponsors multiple leadership-development programs on campus each year.

    Peer Ministry

    Peer Ministry

    Peer Ministers are students who are witnesses to their Christian faith. They provide pastoral care, retreat, prayer and service opportunities for students, with the ultimate goal of helping their peers live their Christian faith more fully.

  • Other Examples of Leadership

    Resident Assistants

    The Residence Life staff serves many functions in support of the student's education.

    • Maintaining safe, secure facilities, that are clean and comfortable.
    • Protecting the rights of all students by promoting community standards on the floors, and interpreting college policy.
    • Presenting challenges and encouraging participation in experiences that support the development of the Saint Francis University student.
    • Providing a lot of ears to listen and shoulders to lean on; making appropriate referrals, and encouraging responsible decision-making.
    • Sponsoring in-hall activities and trips to off-campus events.

    Orientation Counselors

    New Student Orientation at Saint Francis University is designed to acclimate you to all the new people, new surroundings, and new experiences that is Saint Francis University. We offer an intensively active four-day program to help you prepare for success at SFU. Orientation counselors share useful information regarding academic advising and success, facilitate introductions with key administrators and academic faculty, and provide many opportunities to begin your character formation and leadership development as a member of our SFU community.

    Clubs & Organizations

    There are 70+ student-led clubs, organizations and programs on campus where you can shape your leadership skills while participating in something that you find interesting.