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Center for Student Engagement

The Center for Student Engagement at Saint Francis University is your hub for all things SFU student life, including: first-year student Summer and Fall orientation programming, leadership development programming, co-curricular transcript management, student government association, evening/weekend campus activities and campus recreation, fraternity and sorority affairs, club sports and intramurals, esports gaming, student clubs/organizations, student transportation services, and the John F. Kennedy student center.

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  • Welcome to your SFU Student Life!

    You can use this site to access our campus calendar of activities and events, explore the many opportunities to get involved on campus and in the community, to search for various shopping, dining, and other local destinations, to learn more about our transportation services, to access many helpful resources, and to connect with members of our team.

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    Campus Calendar

    Saint Francis University utilizes Engage, a powerful online student engagement platform to organize co-curricular and extra-curricular opportunities and transformational experiences for students.  Engage allows students to easily search for and discover clubs and organizations, campus news, service opportunities, and entertainment and major events.

    Click here to view our current activities and events.

    Get Involved

    Don’t just simply go to college...truly Become That Someone! SFU is one big social network and you’re invited to join in! Outside of the awesome education you’re receiving, you also have many opportunities to meet a lot of great people from across the country and around the globe that are interested in what you’re interested in. It all starts with getting involved! Best of all, it’s all about what you would like to do. With a strong and empowered Student Government Association (SGA), the SFU student body is constantly creating new opportunities, new clubs and organizations, and leading new movements that shape YOUR SFU experience

    Student Government Association

    The Student Government Association (SGA) at Saint Francis University serves as the voice of the student body by providing students with representation, services, and advocacy within the University structure. Their purpose is to cultivate strong student leadership, to build connections between students, faculty, and administration, and to better the campus community. The SGA student-senators are active members of many University-wide faculty and staff committees and hold voting powers to enact change and progression for the student life experience.

    Greek Life

    Greek Life at Saint Francis University is a character-building, leadership development experience. First established here by the Franciscan Friars in the 1940s, our Greek Life community stands as the oldest Greek system at any Catholic college in the US. The twelve fraternities and sororities at SFU represent over 25% of our student population. SFU Greeks are among some of the most active students on campus, dedicating much of their time and energy to supporting charitable and philanthropic causes, and organizing campus and community events.


    Launching in Fall 2019, SFU Esports will be competitive at the highest level and will be a best-practice model for small institutions who are looking to make an impact within the esports industry and in the lives of students. Saint Francis University specializes in the holistic development of students and preparing them for success in both their personal and professional lives, and SFU Esports is but another pathway for students to optimize their SFU experience!


    You will accomplish so much in your few short years at SFU. We want to make sure you can both quantify AND qualify every aspect of the transformation that you have experienced since coming to SFU. Your Leadership, Involvement, and Service Transcript (or L.I.S.T.) says so much about you as an individual and what matters to you. Your L.I.S.T. is an official University document which tracks your important accomplishments and contributions outside of the classroom in six areas of Transformational Experiences: Campus Ministry, Community Service, Internships, Leadership, Student Research, and Study Abroad.

    Clubs and Organizations

    Saint Francis University offers a variety of clubs and organizations  to all of its undergraduate students. Feel free to join as many as you are interested in. The annual involvement fair is held at the beginning of the Fall semester for new students to learn what each club and organization is all about! Click the link below to discover the many opportunities and student communities that await you.  Can't find something you'd like to experience, contact us in the Center for Student Engagement to set up an appointment so we can discuss how you might get it started!

    Click here to view our student clubs/organizations.

    Beyond Campus

    Whether you’re new to Loretto or just curious to see what students enjoy most in the area, we can help you out! Take a look at our various collections of local businesses and vendors, regional attractions, services, and more!

    NOTE: This page is intended to serve as a resource to SFU students and their families. The businesses and attractions listed on this page are not necessarily endorsed by Saint Francis University and may not represent the views of Saint Francis University or its officials.

    Auto Repair/Towing

    Click here for some places nearby!

    Beauty & Personal Maintenance

    Click here for some places nearby!

    Dining Out

    Click here for some places nearby!

    Hotels & Accommodations

    Click here for some places nearby!

    Local Shopping

    Click here for some places nearby!

    Medical & Emergency

    Click here for some places nearby!

    Other Transportation Providers

    Click here for some places nearby!

    Preferred Vendors For Student Organizations

    Click here for some places nearby!

    Things to do

    Click here for some places nearby!


    Whether you are in need of a ride to local shopping destinations or local transportation depots, we’re happy to help! The Center for Student Engagement coordinates the Transportation Services program at Saint Francis University. Various services are offered to SFU students, including regularly scheduled shuttles to area transportation depots, weeknight shopping, non-emergency medical transportation, and much more! Download our official Transportation Services Guide for an easy-to-use overview. 

    Shuttle Services

    Students can arrange for SFU shuttle service to area transportation hub for bus, train, or airports to get back and forth from home during breaks or on weekends. SFU Transportation regularly services the Johnstown/Cambria County Airport and the Altoona-Blair County Airport for flights and the Altoona Transportation Center for Amtrak train and Greyhound bus. Shuttles are also offered to the Pittsburgh International Airport. Low standard rates are charged for students who utilize regularly-scheduled shuttles. Students who desire a more customized service outside the regular schedule are subject to a premium rate. Visit the Center for Student Engagement (located on the upper floor of the JFK Center), call for additional information at (814)-472-3005, or email your questions/concerns to

    To officially register for shuttle services, students must complete the official Transportation Request Form found on Engage.  

    View the Spring 2022 Shuttle Schedule

    Shuttle Policies

    The following policies are set-forth by the Center for Student Engagement and are intended to help maintain an efficient, safe, and reliable service for students

    1. Transportation/shuttle services are available ONLY to full-time SFU students The service is available to and from the Saint Francis University campus only.
    2. Anyone utilizing the shuttle service must register to reserve a seat by completing a shuttle reservation form at the Center for Student Engagement office at least four business days prior to the scheduled shuttle. At the time of reservation, students will need to provide personal contact information and transportation information including time of departure and/or arrival time. Payment is due at sign-up. Please see the shuttle rates below. The fee is non-refundable.
    3. There is a limited amount of space for seating; therefore, luggage is limited to one piece of luggage and one carry-on or backpack per person.
    4. The Center for Student Engagement is NOT responsible for booking/coordinating other travel arrangements such as bus, train, or flights, OR any lodging accommodations.
    5. The scheduled shuttle services (provided above) will be the ONLY shuttles provided by Saint Francis University. For individual requests that fall outside of our schedule, students will be assessed a premium rate (see rates below).
    6. ALL shuttles are subject to change or cancellation per weather/road conditions and availability of authorized drivers. The Center for Student Engagement coordinates all transportation services with the Department of University Police and Public Safety and strictly follows their recommendation regarding the release of any shuttles.
    7. It is the students' responsibility to check their email for shuttle instructions and confirmation Transportation requests made after deadlines may not be able to be accommodated.
    8. On the day of travel, please arrive at the JFK Center Front Lobby at least 10 minutes prior to shuttle departure time. When departing campus, the van will not be able to hold.

    The departure time for those who are not ready to leave at the scheduled time. The departure time from campus is set to accommodate other travelers and cannot be delayed for any reason If a student misses the shuttle, it will be the student's responsibility to locate and obtain alternate transportation to and from campus. Saint Francis University or the Center for Student Engagement will not be responsible for any additional costs incurred if a student misses the train/bus, flight for any reason. This would include inclement weather and traffic delays.

    NOTE: All transportation services are contingent upon the availability of university-authorized vehicles and drivers.

    Shuttle Rates

    Transportation Center  Standard Service (one-way)  Premium Service (one-way)
    Altoona Amtrak $10  $50
    Altoona-Blair County Airport $10 $50
    Johnstown-Cambria County Airport $10 $50
    Pittsburgh International Airport $50  $150
    University Park Airport $25  $150

    Weeknight Shopping

    Weeknight shopping shuttles depart each weeknight from the JFK Center to area stores including Ebensburg Walmart, and shopping malls and plazas in Johnstown and Altoona. The service is free of charge and available on a first-come, first served basis. Students will receive access to their Engage accounts during New Student Orientation. From there they will find the shopping shuttles listed on the activities calendar and can reserve their seat from their laptop.

    Check out our weekly shopping shuttle schedule below!

    Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

    Students who schedule doctor, dentist or eye appointments can request a shuttle transport to Ebensburg, Altoona or Johnstown for a small fee. Request your transportation needs with us immediately after you've scheduled your appointment so we can arrange a vehicle and driver. All non-emergency medical appointment transports will use the Standard Service rates. Contact us in the Center for Student Engagement to arrange for your non-emergency medical transport by dialing (814)-472-3005 or by emailing us at


    Below are various resources available to students, families, and other members of the SFU community. As always, if you need additional information, contact our office at 814-472-3005 or email us at

    New Student Orientation

    The Center for Student Engagement is responsible for coordinating the New Student Orientation programming at Saint Francis University. Over the course of the summer and a few days in August, new students will participate in a wide array of programming designed to assist them in their transition to life at SFU. Our programming consists of sessions and workshops pertaining to academic success, financial literacy, living on campus or living as a commuting student, getting involved and becoming a better leader both on campus and within the community, planning for success after graduation, and living the mission of Saint Francis University. New Student Orientation consists of both the summer programming of S.O.A.R. (Summer Orientation and Academic Registration) as well as the four-day New Student Orientation programming in August just prior to classes starting for the Fall term. 

    Commuter Life

    Students who commute from home enjoy a unique perspective on student life. Although they don't live on campus, commuter students enjoy access to all the same programs and services as residential students. Check out our page on Commuter Life for more information!

    Family Weekend

    Family Weekend is an annual tradition at Saint Francis University and is designed to welcome family members of all ages! The weekend consists of awesome activities, games, exhibits, and experiences for families to enjoy together. Visit the official Family Weekend page to view the schedule of events and to register for the annual Family Weekend Brunch with Father Malachi Van Tassell, TOR, PhD, University President. 


    Homecoming is truly the SFU student life event of the year!  With sporting events, alumni gatherings, live entertainment, and traditional activities - like the annual semi-formal dance, campus is sure to be bursting with Loretto loyal and their Red Flash pride!  Check out the official Homecoming page to stay up-to-date with the latest!


    Commencement marks a new beginning as undergraduates become graduates and students become alumni - a culmination of four years of rigorous study and extraordinary transformation...a turning of the page in a wonderful story of amazing experiences, lasting memories, and life-long friendships.  Visit the official page for Commencement to review all the details pertaining to your BIG day!

    Additional Parent Resources

    Visit our Parent's Information page to peruse through the additional resources that are available to help answer questions, address concerns, and provide information while your son and/or daughter attend Saint Francis University.  As always, you can contact us in the Center for Student Engagement for assistance. One of our team members will be happy to connect you with the appropriate campus professional. 

    Meet Our Staff


    Kristen Radovanic Corcoran

    Director, Student Engagement & Leadership Development


    Contact me for information about: Student Government / Leadership Development / Clubs & Organizations / Club Sports / Esports / Orientation / Commencement

    Ms. Meghan DeFrancesco

    Assistant Director, Student Engagement


    Contact me for information about: Greek Life / Esports / Student Activities / Intramurals / Orientation

    Mrs. Lori A. Schrift 

    Facilities & Events Coordinator


    Contact me for information about: Campus Events / JFK Student Center / Transportation Services / Orientation / Commencement 

    Mr. Ethan Wingard

    Esports Coordinator


    Contact me for information about: Esports/ Intramurals/ Leadership Development

    Mr. Travis Schluep

    Sports and Recreation Assistant


    Contact me for information about: Club sports / Intramurals /  Esports

    Ms. Eva Schall

    Activities Assistant


    Contact me for information about: Student Activities/ Event Marketing & Promotions