Fine Arts Center Will Open for Business After Spring Break

Colette Costlow, Troubadour Staff Writer | 02/26/2024
Black Box
A ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate all those who played a role in the building’s completion will be held on April 18

Construction work on the Connors Family Fine Arts Center and Resinksi Black Box Theatre at Saint Francis University is expected to be completed in early to mid-March.

Upon its completion, faculty members will move into the new facility and student activity in the building will commence shortly thereafter.

“The original idea for the building was to create a space dedicated to theatre at SFU,” said Fine Arts Adjunct Professor Bonnie Resinski.

Resinski and her late husband, Ken – who died in 2013 – taught fine arts courses and directed theatrical performances at the University since 1967. Bonnie continues to be involved with the Fine Arts Program at SFU.

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