Mathematics, B.S. or B.A.


For the Love of Math (and great career potential, too): earn a Mathematics degree from Saint Francis University

Mathematics cultivates logic and critical thinking skills,  qualifying you for a wide variety of careers. Our program recognizes two complementary views: mathematics as abstract structure (independent of the physical world),  and mathematics as the cornerstone of scientific inquiry  (essential to understanding the physical world).  You will work closely with professors to develop skills in both of these aspects of mathematics. Our program offers concentrations in applied mathematics, actuarial science, and secondary education. 


Offered: On-Campus

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get involved with undergraduate  research as early as your sophomore year 
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easily add double majors or minors in other disciplines to enhance your degree
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join the local chapter of Kappa Mu  Epsilon, mathematics honor society

Mathematics the Saint Francis Way

As a Mathematics major, you are encouraged to pursue research projects under faculty mentors. You will have opportunities to travel to professional conferences and present your research, attend presentations of other students and faculty, and participate in problem-solving competitions. 


The SFU Difference

Mathematics at Saint Francis University examines the richness of mathematics while providing extensive opportunities to excel. You will work closely with other students and professors both in and outside the classroom. Ongoing research projects allow for advanced investigations and opportunities for publication. 


Real researchers dedicated to teaching: Our small, engaging classes are taught by faculty who are conducting and publishing dynamic mathematical research in both applied and theoretical research, yet view teaching as their central focus.


Friendly atmosphere, big opportunities:  At Saint Francis, we are small enough to give you personal attention, yet large enough to provide incredible opportunities. Participation in professional societies and conferences, SFU’s Pie on Pi Day, the PA Statistics Poster Competition, SFU’s Science Day, the Math Club, and Honor societies are just a few of the opportunities that await you.


Enhanced Degrees: Our mathematics majors can easily double major in any number of disciplines. Popular majors that our students have regularly paired with mathematics include computer science, chemistry, and engineering.  Students also add flavor to their degrees with minors such as physics, cybersecurity, and chemistry.  These enhancements to our students’ degrees really set them apart when they enter the job market.


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What You’ll Learn in our Mathematics Program

  • Degree Paths
  • Learning Objectives
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Dedicated Researchers; Passionate Teachers

Our dedicated faculty are conducting and publishing dynamic mathematical research in both applied and theoretical research, yet view teaching as their central focus


Program Chair: Dr. Rachel, 814.471.1215

Career Outlook in Mathematics

A degree in Mathematics is designed to provide a solid foundation in general principles sought for in any number of significant career and higher educational paths.   Mathematics skills contribute to success in almost any profession, including;

  • science
  • engineering
  • business
  • industry
  • government  service
  • teaching

Mathematicians to analyze the increasing volume of digital and electronic data. Our graduates engage in pursuits as diverse as

  • meteorology
  • cryptography
  • investment banking.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mathematics and Saint Francis University

  • What is the median wage for a mathematician?

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a median wage of $93,000 for mathematicians and expects employment to increase over the next 10 years by 33%.

  • What clubs are available to mathematics majors?

    Join our Math Club! This student-led organization helps our math majors (and others who love math) get to know one another, pursuing competitions and having fun. In addition, our students are welcome to join many of the clubs at SFU, from our Environmental Action Society to our Gaming Club. 

  • What majors complement mathematics?

    Although Mathematics is available for any student as a double major (or minor), it complements well with a variety of other programs available at Saint Francis. The mathematics program was designed with enough room for students to explore this option. Consider these programs:


    Business-related Majors: There are so many business careers where grads with strong math skills thrive. Combining your major in Mathematics with a business-related major such as Finance, Marketing, or Management is a winning combination.


    Computer Science: Pairing Mathematics with a minor or second major in Computer Science is a good career choice. Adding the depth of programming and networking from computer science will be a terrific complement to your Mathematics degree!


    Economics: Algebra, calculus, probability and calculus become invaluable skills for a career in economics so complementing your Mathematics degree with a double major or minor in Economics is a perfect match.
    Management Information Systems: Love looking at data and thinking about how to manage and analyze it? Pair that Mathematics degree with a major or minor in MIS and you will get to do just that!