Division of Finance and Administration


The Division of Finance and Administration provides the Saint Francis University community with a variety of services to sustain a positive learning and working environment.



Our employees can be found working campus wide maintaining university facilities and grounds, assisting students and parents in the Business Office, helping employees in Human Resources and Payroll offices, providing IT services and ensuring the overall safety of the campus.


We encourage you to visit our departmental pages for more information for a better understanding of the services provided by the Finance and Administration Division.


If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact one of our offices.


The 2022-23 Tuition and Fee Schedule has been approved by the Board of Trustees. 

Mission and Vision

Division Mission Statement

"The overall mission for the Finance and Administration Division is to provide the  University with a comprehensive division that meets all of the financial and administrative needs of the entire campus community."


Division Vision Statement

"To focus on the continuous improvement of the University through administrative institutional support." 


The Finance and Administration’s mission and vision statements advance the University’s strategic mission, vision and strategic plan by striving to meet the campus financial and administrative needs overall by utilizing the strength and focus of the eight departments and approximately 350 university employees that comprise the division. These departments that fall under the Finance & Administration Division include the Business Office, Dining Services, Human Resources, Information Technology, Institutional Research and Effectiveness, Physical Plant, Purchasing and University Police.   We will strive to meet the needs of every individual and department we serve.

Ethics and Compliance

The University supports the campus community in achieving its commitment to the highest standards of ethics, honesty, and integrity by: 

  • Setting forth guidelines for ethical conduct;
  • Promoting a culture that encourages ethical conduct and a commitment to compliance with legal and regulatory obligations;
  • Offering support through training and educational resources;
  • Partnering in conjunction with other University offices to coordinate compliance with all federal and state regulations;
  • Overseeing and implementing the institutional response for Title IX
  • Providing a comprehensive and confidential tool for employees to report any concern regarding their work environment or possible viotlations of ethical standards

The University’s ethics and compliance and risk and insurance program are overseen by the Vice President for Finance and Administration. 

Risk & Insurance Program

The University maintains a risk and insurance program which includes coverage such as general and professional liability, property, and automobile coverage lines. The University also maintains a worker’s compensation program.

  • Claims Reporting
  • Types of Claims
  • Obtain Proof of Insurance
  • Claims Reporting

    Saint Francis University employees are responsible for reporting incidents of negligence resulting in injury or property damage to University Police at ext. 3360. This includes injuries to visitors or students while on campus, damage to university owned or rented vehicles, and/or property. University Police will assist at the scene of the incident, conduct an investigation, and notify the Vice President for Finance & Administration and Title IX Coordinator, who will initiate a claim with the University’s insurer.

  • Types of Claims

    • Professional Liability (medical malpractice)
    • General liability 
    • Auto liability 
    • Employment practices liability 
    • Human subjects 
    • Any other liability claims – equipment and property

    Note: claims for work related injuries/worker’s compensation are to be submitted to the Human Resources Office.

  •  Obtain Proof of Insurance

    The Saint Francis University insurance program provides protection from liability claims arising from the negligent acts or omissions of the University and its employees and students. Confirmation of coverage is available through the Associate Vice President for Finance & Administration/Title IX Coordinator. All employees can request a certificate of insurance for:

    • Individual professional liability (individual provider or employee), or
    • Program liability (students in a specific school or program), or
    • General liability (events, conferences, retreats, or activities)

     In order to complete the request for a certificate insurance, please be sure to have the information listed below.

    1.  Person, program, or activity name
    2. The purpose or reason the certificate is needed
    3. Where to send the certificate (email address is preferred)