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Mathematics Degree Options

  • Why Study Mathematics?

    Mathematics is one of the most diverse majors you can choose. Mathematics majors work in every imaginable industry and are prepared to step into fields that don't yet exist. Mathematics careers (including mathematician, actuary, and statistician) repeatedly hit the annual lists of top-paying careers. A Saint Francis mathematics degree can help you open the door to an exciting career no matter which path looks most interesting to you.

    Degree Options:

  • Majors

    Mathematics, Bachelor of Arts or Science  

    • Our Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degrees in mathematics are designed to offer a solid background in mathematics. This degree path gives the most freedom to pursue more intense mathematical studies or a broad background in liberal arts. Students who are planning to further their education in mathematics may want to consider this degree path.
    • BA Plan of Study
    • BS Plan of Study
    • Course Catalog Major Requirements
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  • Mathematics at Saint Francis University

    Real researchers dedicated to teaching: Our small, engaging classes are taught by faculty who are conducting and publishing dynamic mathematical research in both applied and theoretical research, yet view teaching as their central focus.

    Friendly atmosphere, big opportunities:  At Saint Francis, we are small enough to give you personal attention, yet large enough to provide incredible opportunities. Participation in professional societies and conferences, SFU’s Pie on Pi Day, the PA Statistics Poster Competition, SFU’s Science Day, the MECS club, and Honor societies are just a few of the opportunities that await you.

    Enhanced Degrees: Our mathematics majors can easily double major in any number of disciplines. Popular majors that our students have regularly paired with mathematics include computer science, chemistry and biology.  Students also add flavor to their degrees with minors such as physics, computer science and chemistry.  These enhancements to our students’ degrees really set them apart when they enter the job market.