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Programs of Study in Fine Arts

Life without art is possible, but limited. Our purpose is to help students develop an understanding of, and an appreciation for, aesthetic values that make life a richer experience. The Arts–including theatre, visual arts, music, dance and more broadly, humanities and language
arts–have always been at the heart of an SFU education. If you leave here without a better understanding of who you are, then we have not done our job. Our Fine Arts offerings are designed to challenge what you believe to be true about yourself, and to expand these beliefs in a way that will help you to reach your fullest potential as a citizen of the world.

    • Fine Arts Minor
    • Music and Wellness Minor
    • Lessons & Self Designed Programs
    • General Education
    Fine Arts Minor

    Fine Arts Minor

    Those looking for an in-depth experience may want to pursue a Fine Arts minor with an emphasis on selecting music courses such as Music Fundamentals, Creative Movement & World Dance, Chorus, or Band.

    Fine Arts Minor (15 credits) | Course Catalog Major Requirements

    Music and Wellness Minor

    Music and Wellness Minor

    NEW PROGRAM - Students with an interest in music and promoting the well-being of others may want to consider this minor. The coursework is a great fit for those majoring in (but not limited to) Health Sciences, Education, Psychology, Sociology, the Humanities and Social Work.

    “The Music and Wellness Minor is designed for any student regardless of prior formal musical training. It allows students to explore the connection between music, mindfulness, and well-being. It also provides opportunities to discover ways to lead evidence-based music and wellness techniques to encourage well being in others”. - Jim Donovan M.Ed. – Program Director 

    Music and Wellness Minor (15 credits) | Course Catalog Major Requirements

    Lessons & Self Designed Programs

    Individual Lessons and Self Designed Study

    Students can pursue self study through individual lessons or even work to develop a self-designed program of study that complements their future career plans.

    General Education

    General Education

    The Fine Arts is a vibrant part of the university's core curriculum and students of all majors can choose Fine Arts courses to meet these requirements.

  • Music Offerings at SFU

  • Theatre Offerings at SFU

  • Visual Arts offerings at SFU

  • The Center for Fine Arts

    The Center for Fine Arts at Saint Francis University  serves as a cultural and intellectual hub where students, as well as members of the community, can find fulfilling experiences through band, chorus, dance, drumming, photography, painting, drawing, theatrical performances and much more. 

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    Coming Soon: The Connors Family Fine Arts Center (future home of the Resinski Black Box Theatre)

    Center for Fine Arts banner

    This new building, across from Degol Field on St. Catherine Street, will house all fine arts programs under one roof.  Groundbreaking is planned for early 2022, and we are looking forward to the building being operational for the University’s 175th anniversary celebrations that year.