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Sustainability in Academics

  • Renew your future

    As a student at Saint Francis University, you will have the opportunity to not only learn ways to care for the environment, but to be pro-active about it as well!

    Here are some of our education, research, and academic activities for a brighter tomorrow:

  • Academic Programs
    • General Education thematic minor: Sustainability and the Environment
    • Biology, Environmental Science Concentration, B.S.
    • Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry Concentration, B.S.¬†
    • Environmental Engineering, B.S.
    • Environmental Engineering, Ecological Engineering Concentration, B.S.
    • Environmental Engineering, Renewable Energy Concentration, B.S.
    • Environmental Studies B.A.
    • Environmental Studies Minor

    Explore our programs.

    • BIOL 103 - Environmental Studies
    • BIOL 408 - Special Problems in Environmental Science and Seminar
    • CHEM 205 - Environmental Chemistry
    • ENGL 210 - Literature and the Environment
    • HIST 259 - U.S. Environmental History
    • HIST 405 -¬†Disaster! Environmental and Social Crises in World History
    • PHIL 307 - Environmental Ethics
    • SOC 305 - Environmental Sociology
    Centers and Academic Activities
    • Renewable Energy Center at the Institute for Energy
    • Center for Watershed Research and Service
    • Science Outreach Center¬†
    • Beekeeping Club
    • Environmental Action Society
    • Environmental Engineering Society