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  • Recycling at SFU

    Saint Francis University implemented a recycling program in 1991 to reduce landfill waste and demonstrate Franciscan stewardship of our environment. Bins can be found in buildings throughout campus. In addition, a community recycling center is located in the JFK parking lot.

    The following items can be recycled here on campus:

  • Plastic #1 and #2-narrow*


    Recycling Plastics

    Look on the bottom for the number.

    Lids can go in; leave off of the container.


    *#2 plastics with a narrow opening only. (Why not other #2 plastics? Because of a difference in production, the recycling processes are not the same.)


    Office Paper

    Office Paper

    • White paper
    • Colored paper
    • Envelopes (windows are OK)
    Newspaper, Cardboard, and Glossy Paper (Magazines)

    These items may be  placed NEXT TO the bins.

    Aluminum & Other Cans

    Recycling Cans

    • Aluminum cans
    • Soup & similar cans
  • Please use the trash bin for other disposable items.

    We cannot recycle glass, other plastics, aerosol cans, anything hazardous, or compostable items… but we are working on it!

    Thank you for your efforts!