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Part-Time Tuition and Fees

  • Undergraduate and Graduate Lab, Course, and Contingent Fees may apply.

    2017-18 Tuition and Fees 

  • Adult Degree & Continuing Studies
    Tuition and Fees   
    Undergraduate Tuition$476 (per credit hour)
    College in High School$65 (per credit hour)



    An undergraduate student registered for fewer than 12 credits is considered a part-time student and is charged tuition at the rate of $1,057.00 per credit. (Amount is for the traditional, day-time program. Adult Degree students who are part time, should view the tuition tab for Adult Degree & Continuing Studies.)

    Undergraduate and Graduate Lab, Course, and Contingent Fees Apply

    Summer Session
    Undergraduate Tuition Per Credit
    Summer 2017$476.00 
    Summer 2017$1,007.00 (Summer PA / OT / PT) 
    Summer 2018$476.00 
    Summer 2018$1,057.00 (Summer PA/OT/PT) 
     Room and Board Weekly 
     Residence Hall$295 (weekly) 
    HAPT Meal Plan$170.00 (weekly)
    HAPT Housing$125.00 (weekly)


    English as a Second Language
    Average cost of attending the Intensive English Program per 7 1/2 week session
    Tuition: $3,250
    Room and Board: $2,881
    Technology Fee (Laptop): $275
    ESL Service Fees: $265
    Student Insurance:    (mandatory)
    Student Room Deposit Fees: $100