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Undergraduate Tuition & Fees

At Saint Francis University, we are committed to ensuring the highest quality education is both affordable and accessible.

Undergraduate Tuition and Fees

Annual tuition amounts are approved by the University's Board of Trustees.

Tuition Rates for 2024-2025

Financial Assistance

We know you have lots of questions about this investment in your future. Don't worry, we're here to help! Our Financial Assistance team is here to walk you through the process.

Undergraduate Tuition for 2024-2025 Academic Year 

The tuition rate for the 2024-25 academic year is $42,900 for a full-time, traditional undergraduate student. 

Undergraduate Cost Summary

estimated based on two semesters (fall/spring) of full-time study (12-18 credits each semester)

all credits over the flat rate maximum of 18 credits  are an additional $1,342 per credit 


Annual TotalsResidentsCommuters
Tuition Flat Rate (12-18 credits per semester)$42,900$42,900
Room (2024-2025 Double Occupancy)$6,300n/a
Meal Plan (Premium option )$7,200optional
Lab/Course Feeslab feeslab fees

Student Health Insurance

(must be waived by student) See policy

 Vehicle Registration$155 $130
All University Fee (per semester)$550$550

Summer/Winter Tuition

Health Science Students (PA, PT, OT): $1,283 per credit (summer 2024)

All other undergraduate students: $485 per credit

Part-time Undergraduate Rate

Undergraduate students registered for fewer than 12 credits:  $1,283 per credit

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Undergraduate Fees Break Down

Other Fees

Fee NameAmountDetails
Audit Fee$671 
Lab & Course Fees varies by courseSee Fees
Late Check-In Fee$125 
Official Transcript$25 
Special Exam Fee$35 
ID Replacement$20 

Lab & Course Fees

American Sign Language
ASL 112/201/202/203/250/312 $50           
Private Pilot Certificate: AVI 111, AVI 112$7,500
Instrument Rating: AVI 211, AVI 212$7,500
Commercial Pilot Certificate: AVI 301, AVI 302$13,250

Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) Fees


Biology 203$61
Biology 110, 111, 204, 205, 206, 208, 211, 218, 307, 320, 405,406$170
Biology 214,301,302,401$205
Biology 430$240
Biology 312, MS471, MS491$170
Chemistry (all courses with a lab)$210
BioChemistry BIO405, CHEM405, BCHM405, BCHM408, BCHM302$180

Communications 301,305,435$210
Communications 220,308$180
Education 429,430,431,432$75
Education 450,451$240



Engineering 101,102, 201, 202, 498$130
Engineering 301,315,325, 335, 415, 427, 435$230


Environmental Engineering
Environmental Engineering 311,411,413, 414, 421-24,499$130
Environmental Engineering 321,322,415$230
Exercise Physiology
Exercise Physiology 305,330,400$160
FERM 295, 301, 401$210
FERM 207, 302, 303, 402, 403$160
Geology 205$125
Marine Science
Marine Science 101$364
Marine Science 102,103$260
Marine Science 104$420
Marine Science 105$105
Marine Science 106$210
Marine Science 109, 111, 125$130
Marine Science 113-121, 123, 124$182
Marine Science 122$156
Marine Science 201-202$1,550
Marine Science Certificate 101$260
Marine Science Certificate 102$156
Marine Science Certificate 103$182
Marine Science Certificate 105$90
Marine Science Certificate 106$162
Marine Science Certificate 109, 111$78
Marine Science Certificate 113-121, 123, 124$130
Marine Science Certificate 122$105
Marine Science Certificate 125$52
Marine Science Certificate 201-202$990
Music Lessons
Music Lesson Fee MUS 131,141,151,161$210
Music Lesson Fee MUS 132,142,152,162$420
Nursing 200$110
Nursing 300-303$320
Nursing 401,402,404$375
Nursing 405,413$205


all Physics courses with/lab$86


Physical Therapy
all PT courses with/lab)
Psychology 302,303$60
Psychology 314$65
Psychology 415$140

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Housing and Dining Options

On-Campus Housing

Room Type (Per Semester)All other residence hallsChristian Hall


Off-Campus Housing

Includes Honors House, Pine View Townhouses, East Gate Apartments, Spaulding Cottage, Theme Housing, and Non-Owned Housing)$4,494
Graduate Housing (175 Saint Joes)$3,544

Meal Plan Options

  • About Our Meal Plans

    Key Points


    • All resident students are required to have a meal plan.
    • Purchase plans through the Office of Residence Life located in Padua 239, phone 814-472-3029.
    • All Flex Bonus Dollars and Dining Dollars expire at the end of each semester.


    The higher the purchase price, the greater the value!


    • Choose a plan that suits your needs. Details are tabs are below.
    • Once purchased "meal swipe/dining dollars" are deposited on the student's ID card, which works similar to a debit card. No need to carry cash or find an ATM.
    • The Dining Dollars can be used at Torvian Dining Hall or any of our retail facilities including Frankie's, Padua Express or Adamucci Café.
    • The Dining Dollars are non-refundable and expire at the end of each semester.
  • Unlimited Plan: $3,790/ semester

    Unlimited Plan Includes:

    This plan does not offer a meal equivalency option (meal swipe cannot be used anywhere other than Torvian)


    • ​​​Unlimited meals at Torvian
    • $300 Flex Dollars
    • 8 Guest meals
  • Premium Plan: $3,600/semester

    Premium Plan includes:

    • 275 Meal Swipes
    • $100 Flex Dollars
    • 8 Guest meals
    • $6.25 Meal Equivalency (meal swipe can be used at Frankie’s)
  • Standard Plan: $3,600/semester

    Standard Plan Includes:

    • 215 Meal Swipes
    • $225 Flex Dollars
    • 5 Guest meals
    • $6.25 Meal Equivalency (meal swipe can be used at Frankie’s)
  • Value Plan: $2,794/semester

    Value Plan includes:

    • 100 Meal Swipes
    • $375 Flex Dollars
    • No Guest meals
    • $6.25 Meal Equivalency (meal swipe can be used at Frankie’s)
  • Commuter Plans: $300-$750

    Plans tailored for commuters:


    • $750 Plan = includes $825 Flex
    • $500 Plan = includes $550 Flex
    • $300 Plan = includes $330 Flex