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Master of Education

  • About the Masters of Education Program

    Contact Information
    Sherri L. Toth
    Associate Director,
    Graduate Education Programs

    Phone: (814) 472-3058 
    or 800-457-6300

    Meet Our Faculty

    The Mission for the Education Department of Saint Francis University is to provide a curriculum for pre-service and in-service educators that will develop and reinforce reflective practices. We believe that our students must develop the skill to guarantee a learning environment in which all children can learn and achieve their own kind of individually configured excellence--an environment that nurtures the unique talents and creativity of children; understands, respects, and incorporates the diversity, abilities, and experiences of children into the learning process; and cultivates the personal commitment of their students to enduring habits of life-long learning.

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    The education program at Saint Francis University will strive to instill the belief that teaching and learning comprise a holistic process that connects ideas and disciplines to each other and to the personal experiences, environments, and communities of students. Consequently, the process of teaching must be dynamic and reciprocal, responding to the many contexts within which students learn. Such teaching demands that teachers integrate their knowledge of subjects, students, the community, and curriculum to create a bridge between learning goals and learners' lives.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • When and where are courses held?

    Since most of our students are already balancing work and family responsibilities, we schedule many of our classes in the evenings or on weekends, and at multiple off-campus locations, in addition to the Saint Francis University campus, in order to provide students with a greater degree of flexibility. Evening classes are offered in fall, spring and two summer sessions.

    When are applications accepted for the upcoming semester?

    Students may apply at any time; applications are accepted and processed by the department year-round. A student may enroll in up to six credits while his/her application is being completed and processed.

    How do I apply for the program?

    For admission requirements and application forms, please click on the MEd Admissions Application link at the left.

    May I submit my own copies of transcripts with my application?

    No, only official transcripts sent directly from the outside institutions will be accepted.

    In order to apply to the Master of Education degree program, must my Bachelor’s degree have been in education?

    No. However, you will not receive a teaching certificate at the completion of the Master of Education degree program.

    Will graduate courses I have taken at other institutions count toward my program requirements?

    With the approval of the Graduate Education department, students may transfer up to six hours of graduate credits from another college or university. Students must submit this request in writing and forward a course description and an official transcript from the respective college or university to the Education Department. Saint Francis University WILL NOT accept course transfers or substitutions that are of a workshop nature. Courses taken seven years prior to the request for transfer will not be considered. Credit for graduate work completed at other institutions will be given only for courses in which the student received a "B" grade or better.

    Will Saint Francis University Graduate Education courses count toward my Act 48 credits?

    Yes. At the student’s request and upon his/her successful completion of the course(s), the Saint Francis University Graduate Education department will report Act 48 credits to the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Student must complete a Request to Report Act 48 credits form and return to the office. 

    What costs are associated with the program?

    Read more about Graduate Tuition and Fees for each semester. 

    Is financial aid available to graduate students?

    For information regarding student loans,  visit the Financial Aid web page.

    Will completion of the Saint Francis University Master of Education program certify me to teach?

    No, the Saint Francis University degree programs and certification programs are separate programs. For instance, if you wish to enroll in the post-baccalaureate certification program to teach secondary education, you will be taking a combination of both undergraduate and graduate courses. Some courses are available at the graduate level and the credits may count towards a master's degree. See MEd Degrees and Programs on the left menu. 

    I already hold a teaching certificate. Will my graduate education (M.Ed. or M.Ed./L) courses count toward my permanent certificate?

    Yes. Your current school district will need to submit your request for Title II certification to PDE. You can obtain your official transcripts from the Registrar's Office at Saint Francis University. You can make your transcript request online