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Greek Life

Greek Life at Saint Francis University is a character-building, leadership development experience. First established here by the Franciscan Friars in the 1940s, our Greek Life community stands as the oldest Greek system at any Catholic college in the US.

  • Greek Life plays a very important part in the development of students and the overall student-life culture at Saint Francis University.  

    Greek Facts: Did you know...

    Leadership: The recognized Greek Life organizations represent some of the very best and brightest of our student-leaders.  The SFU Greek Life program seeks to establish integrated learning opportunities that will fully incorporate the core competencies of the F.L.A.S.H. Leadership Initiative.

    Academics: For the past 5 years (10 consecutive semesters) SFU Greek Life has been ranked among the top 30 institutions in the nation for academic achievement.

    • Recognized by the Gamma Sigma Alpha National Greek Academic Honor Society ( who highlights only those Greek communities whose collective GPA eclipses the non-Greek GPA at their respective campuses.
    • Recognized as the top Greek Life community for academic achievement in the continental Northeast (this includes Canada)! That means that twice in the past 5 years, the SFU Greeks have maintained the highest GPA over their respective non-Greek GPA's than any other campus in the continental Northeast...this even includes the Ivy League institutions and their Greeks!

    So, as you can see SFU Greek Life certainly has something to be proud of...and if you join, you are among the nation's elite Greek scholars!

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