Fraternity Life at Saint Francis University 

Greek Life at Saint Francis University is a character-building, leadership development experience. First established here by the Franciscan Friars in the 1940s, our Greek Life community stands as the oldest Greek system at any Catholic college in the US.


Psi Upsilon

psi upsilon

President: Tyler Beckwith
Academic Advisor: Eric Horell

Spiritual Advisor: Jennifer Myers
Motto: Unto Us Has Befallen A Mighty Friendship
Philanthropies:  The Healing Patch, A Day in Her Shoes
Chapter GPA: 3.13 (S21)
Membership: 7
Sigma Phi Chapter
Chartered 2007


  • About Psi Upsilon

    In the fourteenth century, an elaborate pattern of heraldry, which is still recognized in sovereign countries, municipalities, societies, corporations, and families, was developed. During the Victorian era, interest in heraldry was revived and has since remained an important part of associations such as college fraternities.

    In 1892, Albert P. Jacobs, Phi '73 (University of Michigan); Karl P. Harrington, Xi '82 (Wesleyan College); and George B. Penny, Chi '85 (Cornell University), acting as a Psi U heraldry committee, prepared and presented a report proposing the system of heraldry which was adopted at the Convention of 1894. This system is simple and uniform, yet follows the pattern of ancient heraldry quite well. It is obvious that these brothers had a thorough knowledge of the subject. Previous to the work done by this committee, the badge and colors were the only uniform symbolism of the Fraternity.

    Our fraternity is a select group sharing similar ideals, hopes, and purposes, bonded together by deep friendship and mutual understanding. Such a bond provides the foundation which enables the college student to become a poised and self-confident adult equipped with a keener mind, a greater appreciation, and broader sympathies.

    This bond is further fortified by a group of true and understanding friends who will stand by him throughout life. The outward manifestation of the philosophical underpinnings of Psi Upsilon are the ways in which we treat ourselves, each other, and those around us.


Tau Kappa Epsilon

tau kappa epsilon

President: Nathaniel Anderson
Academic Advisor: Jessica Dunlap
Spiritual Advisor: Brother Dennis
Motto: Better Men For A Better World
Philanthropies : St. Jude Children’s Hospital
Chapter GPA: 3.18 (S21)
Membership: 11Delta Phi Chapter
Chartered 1955 / Re-chartered 2009

  • About Tau Kappa Epsilon

    Advancing character and personal development means unlocking the potential for each man to be a great college graduate and productive citizen. A Teke is a man who is trustworthy and lives the values enunciated in our Declaration of Principles, helping each member integrate LOVE, CHARITY, and ESTEEM into his daily life.

    Men of Tau Kappa Epsilon are leaders in the community and scholars in the classroom. Through an unrivaled commitment to the principles of Scholarship, Character, Leadership, Teamwork, Service and Brotherhood, these are the images as seen around TKE Nation.

    • Our Mission: Our mission is to aid men in their mental, moral, and social development for life.
    • Our Vision: Tau Kappa Epsilon creates lifelong relationships that enhance educational, interpersonal, community and professional success.
    • Our Purpose: TKE contributes to the advancement of society through the personal growth of our members, and service to others.

Alpha Phi Delta

alpha phi delta

President: Eric Solnosky
Academic Advisor: Dr. Edward Zovinka
Spiritual Advisor: Mr. Andrew Stopko


Philanthropies:  Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Chapter GPA: 3.584 (S21)

Membership: 23

Beta Lambda Chapter
Chartered 1948 / Re-chartered 2008 

  • About Phi Delta

    Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity is a national Italian Heritage Fraternity, established in 1914 at Syracuse University. Currently, the fraternity has members drawn from 40 colleges and universities, and has nearly 30 alumni chapters. We are, by Constitutional mandate, an all-volunteer organization, serving God and country through the generous donation of time and effort given by our members.

    According to our Constitution: "The purpose for which this organization has been formed is to conduct an all-volunteer staffed fraternal organization having for its objectives the common advantage of its members. To this end, this organization seeks to unite in fraternal bond college man of good character, to stimulate good scholarship and good fellowship, to promote loyalty to one’s alma mater, to bind members to the commitment of their membership oath, and to provide service to the community and humanity."


Alpha Phi Omega


alpha phi omega

President: Madison Perry
Academic Advisor: Dr. Irene Wolf
Spiritual Advisor: Kate Labriola
Motto: Leaders in Service
Chapter GPA: 3.32 (S19)
Membership: 10
Upsilon Beta Chapter
Chartered 1971 / Re-chartered 2010

  • About Alpha Phi Omega

    Alpha Phi Omega is the single most represented co-educational intercollegiate service organization in the United States.  Since 1925, more than 470,000 members on over 375 campuses, continue to provide more service on more campuses than any other collegiate service organization.

    It is the vision of Alpha Phi Omega to be the premier, inclusive, campus-based, leadership development organization through the provision of service to others and the creation of community.

    Through its mission of preparing campus and community leaders through service, Alpha Phi Omega is committed to bringing together college students in a national service fraternity in the fellowship of principles derived from the Scout Oath and of the Law of the Boy Scouts of America; to develop Leadership, to promote Friendship and to provide Service to humanity; and further the freedom that is our national, educational and intellectual heritage. Founded on the Cardinal Principles of Leadership, Friendship and Service. It provides its members the opportunity to develop leadership skills as they volunteer on their campus, in their community, to the nation, and to the organization.


Phi Kappa Theta

phi kappa theta

President: Ethan Pendarvis


Academic Advisor: Timothy Bintrim

Spiritual Advisor: Henry Love
Motto:Give, Expecting Nothing Thereof

Philanthropies:  Children’s Miracle Network, Movember

Chapter GPA: 3.17 (S21)

Membership: 26Pennsylvania Tau Chapter
Chartered 1949 / Re-chartered 2007

  • About Phi Kappa Theta

    In the late 1880’s, a group of catholic students at Brown University in Rhode island organized themselves as a social fraternity, based on the fellowship of faith. Their first name was Phi Kappa Sigma, taking the Greek equivalent of the initials of "Fraternity of Catholic Students”. (The Sigma was subsequently dropped) With the help of local alumni, businessmen and a receptive college administration, the group thrived. It decided to become a national fraternity and admitted the Loyola Club of the U. of Illinois as the Beta chapter. Their first convention was in 1914. The first magazine, the Yippa-Yappa of Phi Kappa, was published in 1916. By 1930 they had 24 chapters linked under their motto, "Loyalty to God and College”. After several revisions, their coat of arms and initiation ceremony were standardized by then. Both a real estate holding company and an educational foundation were established in 1954.

    Mission: Phi Kappa Theta actively develops men to be effective leaders who passionately serve, society, Fraternity and God.

    Vision: Phi Kappa Theta will be known as the premier human development organization inspiring confidence through life experiences.