Graduate Education Department

About the Graduate Education Department at Saint Francis University

The Graduate Education Department at Saint Francis has an esteemed history of offering programming and support to educators in all stages of their professional careers.


Our teaching framework is built on Catholic Franciscan values and our faculty promote student development through active participation and making connections between theory- and research-based practice.


Programs Available

  • Master of Education, M.Ed (with specializations)

  • Master of Special Education, M.S.Ed (with specializations)
  • Endorsement Programs
  • Post- Baccalaureate Certificate Programs
Graduate Education

Department Contacts

Director of the Graduate Education Department

Dr. Melissa Peppetti, Ph.D.

Linda A. Kline, Department Coordinator
(814) 472-3147



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Frequently Asked Questions About Grad Ed at Saint Francis University

  • How do I apply for Graduate Education Programs?

    All applicants are responsible for submitting a complete application packet to the Graduate Education Office for consideration and admission to the Graduate Education program.  View the application for a list of requirements.



  • Do I need a special education certificate to enroll in the Master of Special Education program?

    The Master of Special Education program is completely online. Candidates interested in this program must possess an Instructional I or Instructional II certification in special education (prek-8, 7-12 or prek-12).

  • May I submit my own transcripts?

    No, only official transcripts sent directly from outside institutions will be accepted.

  • When are applications submitted for the upcoming semester?

    Students may apply at any time; applications are accepted and processed by the department year-round. A student may enroll in up to six credits while his/her application is being completed and processed.

  • In order to apply for a Graduate Education program, must my bachelor's degree be in education?

    No, however, you will not receive a teaching certificate at the completion of the Master of Education program. You can apply to the post-baccalaureate secondary education certification program.

  • Will graduate courses that I have taken count toward my program requirements?

    With the approval of the Graduate Education department, students may transfer up to six hours of graduate credits from another college or university. Students must submit this request in writing and forward a course description and an official transcript from the respective college or university to the Education Department. Saint Francis University WILL NOT accept course transfers or substitutions that are of a workshop nature. Courses taken seven years prior to the request for transfer will not be considered. Credit for graduate work completed at other institutions will be given only for courses in which the student received a "B" grade or better.

  • I already hold a teaching certificate. Will graduate education courses count toward my permanent certificate?

    Yes. Your school district will need to submit your request for Instructional II certification to PDE. You can obtain your official transcripts from the Registrar's Office at Saint Francis University. You can make your transcript request online. Keep in mind that you will also need 3 credits in Inclusion (EDUC560 Successful Inclusion for Educational Leaders), 3 credits in SAS (EDUC515 Curriculum Development and Management), and 3 years teaching experience to apply for your Instructional II certification.

  • Will taking the Master of Education porgram at SFU certify me to teach?

    No, the Saint Francis University degree programs and certification programs are separate programs. For instance, if you wish to enroll in the post-baccalaureate certification program to teach secondary education, you will be taking a combination of both undergraduate and graduate courses. Some courses are available at the graduate level and the credits may count towards a master's degree.