Health Sciences and Education

Neuro Wellness Clinics

Mitchell Jubas | 11/04/2022
The Occupational and Physical Therapy Departments have collaborated this year to host their annual Neuro Wellness Clinics. The Neuro Wellness Clinics were introduced under the supervision of Dr. Lorie Rowles, Shelley Mazzetti (MOT Class of ’17) and Dr. Robyn Redline, Dr. Brittany Kennedy, and Dr. Jessica Cammarata.

SFU Nursing BSN Ranks #1 in Nation

The Saint Francis University Nursing BSN program has ranked number one in the United States. The ranking was completed by, which examined 931 schools. SFU tied for the top spot. A significant portion of the ranking's criteria was determined by each school's NCLEX-RN first-time pass rate. The NCLEX-RN licensure exam is required for students to begin their career in nursing. Saint Francis has proudly touted a 100 percent NCLEX-RN first-time pass rate for five years in a row. The feat is a testament to SFU's commitment to prepare its students to become a practicing nurse. According