Students Participate in Domestic Dental Mission Trip

Dr. Justin Merry, Associate Professor of Biology, Ms. Jen Merry, Assistant Director of Marketing Strategy, and Dr. Tim Bintrim, Professor of English and Environmental Studies, led a delegation of ten student volunteers to MOM-n-PA, the Pennsylvania Dental Mission of Mercy, held at Mohegan Sun Arena in Wilkes-Barre June 7-8, 2019. Now in its eighth year, MOM-n-PA is a huge event that serves roughly 1,800 people over two days, each year delivering a million dollars in free dental services to the under-served. Almost all patients either lack dental insurance or are under-insured, and many have

SFU Biology Students Search for Diversity in Polluted Waters

Have you ever come across a stream or pond that was full of a thick, murky, orange sludge? You likely saw a case of Abandoned Mine Drainage (AMD) pollution. AMD occurs when acidic, metal-rich water emerges at the surface after passing through abandoned coal or clay mines. These metals then precipitate in a thick, orange sludge called “yellow boy” that can smother life in streams and ponds. This summer, two teams of SFU Biology students studied the effects of pollution on freshwater biodiversity. Dr. Lane Loya and Dr. Justin Merry teamed with a group of four biology students as well as faculty