Conservation genomics presentations free to public

Biology Department | 06/16/2023

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The Saint Francis University Biology department is hosting ConGen 2023 (, an international conservation genomics training workshop, June 22 - July 1. The visiting faculty leading the workshop will be giving free evening presentations that are open to the public on topics related to conservation biology and genetics/genomics.


Free Sessions Open to the Public

Note: The session on Friday, June 30 has been cancelled.

Thursday,  June 22, 7:30pm

Science Center 024

Stephen O’Brien, Professor & Research Director, NOVA Southeastern University

“A Moving Landscape of Wildlife Genetics -Uncommon Glimpses Yesterday & Today”


Friday,  June 23, 7:30pm 

Science Center 024

Oliver Ryder, Kleberg Endowed Director of Conservation Genetics, San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance

"A Horse’s Tale: The Remarkable Saga of the Evolution and Conservation of the Przewalski’s Horse"


Saturday,  June 24, 7:30pm

Science Center 024

Fred Allendorf, Regents Professor of Biology Emeritus, University of Montana

“Genetics and Conservation: Allozymes to Genomes”


Monday,  June 26, 7:30pm

JFK Auditorium

C. Scott Baker, Professor & Associate Director, Marine Mammal Institute, Oregon State University

“Whales in a Bottle -Environmental DNA for Identification of Whales and Dolphins”


Tuesday,  June 27, 7:30pm

JFK Auditorium

Laurie Goodman, Editor-in-Chief, GigaScience, Oxford Univ. Press & Beijing Genomics Institute

“Publishing Ethics and Women in Science”


Wednesday,  June 28, 7:30pm

JFK Auditorium

Rachel Nuwer, Freelance Journalist with New York Times

“Poached: Inside the Dark World of Wildlife Trafficking”


Thursday,  June 29, 7:30pm

JFK Auditorium

Alfred Roca, Professor of Animal Sciences, U. of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

“Conservation Genomics of Two African Elephant Species”


Friday,  June 30, 7:30pm

Science Center 024

Bill Murphy, Professor, Veterinary Integrative Biosciences, Texas A&M University

“Lessons Learned from Studying the Mammalian Tree of Life”