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University Communications & Marketing | 01/23/2024

Students Making a Difference: The EcoPrint Story 

EcoPrint logo

An empty plastic Powerade bottle kicked off an unexpected journey for three Saint Francis University Biology/Pre-Medicine majors. Their quest for free filament to use in their personal 3-D printers has blossomed into something extraordinary.

Now, they are printing thousands of toys and medical containers for the university’s annual spring break medical mission trip in March to Guatemala, exploring how to reduce medical waste in their bio lab on campus, and building a non-profit (EcoPrint) that they intend to hand over to future generations of SFU students.

Saint Francis University students who founded EcoPrint
From left: Caleb DeBass, Nate Poplos, and Carson Elbin

Meet the founders of EcoPrint

Caleb DeBass, President & Founder 

Caleb is a junior pre-medicine major at Saint Francis University who has always been interested in recycling. He is passionate about coding and medicine. He created the non-profit EcoPrint to help underserved communities while reducing plastic waste in the environment.

Carson Elbin, Vice President of Design and Production – Co-founder

Carson is a junior pre-medicine and biology major at Saint Francis University. Carson found a love for 3D printing and worked with Caleb to discover that plastic waste could be recycled and reused as 3D-printed products. Carson hopes to give back to underprivileged communities by printing medicine bottles and equipment.

Nate Poplos, Co-Founder & Vice President of Research and Development

Nate is a junior pre-medicine and biology major at St. Francis University. As Vice President of RnD, he is currently working on finding more efficient methods of recycling biology lab equipment. 

In Their Own Words 

At the core of their journey lies a realization - the ultimate aspiration is to become someone to become that person who sparks positive change in the world. It prompts us to ponder—what change can we set in motion?

Join us on this inspiring adventure with Carson, Caleb, and Nate—where humble beginnings lead to larger dreams and an enduring legacy of positive change.

About EcoPrint

EcoPrint is a non-profit organization that three Saint Francis University Biology, Pre-Medicine majors founded. Its mission is to reduce plastic waste and provide sustainable solutions by transforming discarded plastic water bottles into high-quality 3D printed products that address the needs of disadvantaged communities. As a Humanitarian LLC, the objective is to provide innovative and sustainable solutions that support healthcare professionals and patients by leveraging the power of 3D printing technology while simultaneously creating a positive environmental impact. EcoPrint members aim to promote a more sustainable and equitable future, one plastic bottle at a time.

EcoPrint Team
EcoPrint Team: Matthew, Nate, Caleb, Caron, Sophie, and Luke

These newer members round out the team:

Matthew Harris is a junior cybersecurity major at Saint Francis University. Caleb recruited him to design the website. He enjoys creative projects and wants to help EcoPrint get attention by publicizing the team's goals for the upcoming year.

Luke Lamb is a junior pre-physician assistant major at Saint Francis University and plans to go to graduate school for PA. Luke is passionate about photography and always tries to get the perfect shot that tells a story. He helps make EcoPrint videos and recycle bottles.

Sophie Fusaro is a junior physician assistant major at Saint Francis University. She loves the environment and all living things. As the Community Outreach Coordinator for EcoPrint, her main goal is to collect more bottles and reach out to other organizations and groups to spread the word about our mission.

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