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Transfer Application Process & Requirements

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  • Sometimes we don’t always find our “home away from home” the first time through... sometimes it takes a bit more time and some experience to know you’ve found the right place.  

    Our dedicated Transfer Admissions team is ready to guide and assist you through your process with helpful information, a speedy application process, generous transfer scholarships, and a credit-transfer process to keep you on your path to graduation. Email our team at and let us know how we can help.

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  • Admissions Requirements
    • Transfer candidates must be in good standing at their previous institution(s) and have a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA and 12 transferable credits to be considered for admission to Saint Francis University. Meeting the minimum grade point average does not guarantee admission to all academic programs.  
    • The Physical Therapy Program will accept transfer applications on a space available basis. A department interview is required after an application and supporting material have been received.
    • Transfer candidates must have a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA and a 3.0 GPA in math/science requirements to be considered for admission into the physical therapy program.
    • Transfer candidates must have a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA and a 2.6 GPA in math/science requirements to be considered for admission into the nursing program.
    • The Physician Assistant Department does not accept undergraduate transfer students. Interested students can apply for the Interdisciplinary Healthcare Studies Pre-PA program. Candidates must have a minimum and major GPA of 2.75. 
    Official High School & College Transcripts

    Submit official high school or GED and college transcripts.  Students who have attempted or earned credits from multiple institutions will need to submit an official transcript from each school.  Transcripts are considered official when sent by a secure electronic transcript service or in a sealed envelope by the corresponding institution.

    College Clearance Form

    Students who have left an institution for reasons other than graduation must complete a  College Clearance Form (provided by Saint Francis University) at the time of application.  This form is typically completed by a member of the office of Judicial Affairs, Student Conduct, Dean of Students at your most recent college.

    Standardized Testing

    Applicants are required to submit scores from either the SAT I or ACT. Use the codes below to have your official scores sent directly to SFU. These scores are waived for students who have graduated from high school 5 years or more. 
    SAT code #2797
    ACT code #3682

    Physical Therapy Personal Essay

    Physical Therapy transfer applicants are asked to provide a statement that addresses their reasons for transferring and the objectives they hope to achieve.

    Letter of Recommendation

    Students applying for admission to the Nursing Program should have the  nursing evaluation form completed and submitted instead of the letter of recommendation. 

    Students applying for the occupational therapy program must submit a letter of recommendation.

    Students applying for the physical therapy program must submit a letter of recommendation from a science professor.

     Information can be submitted via:
    Fax: 814-472-3335  
    Mail: Saint Francis University   
    Office of Admissions   
    PO Box 600  
    Loretto, PA 15940

    Transfer Credit
    • Students can transfer a maximum of 96 credits to Saint Francis University.
    • Grades of “C” or better from accredited colleges and universities will be considered for transfer credit.
    • Developmental, review or remedial courses are not transferable. A course for which no credit is given at the original institution cannot be transferred for credit at Saint Francis University.
    • Science courses will be evaluated on a case by case basis.  
    • Transfer credits are not used in the computation of your grade point average at Saint Francis University.
    • Military credits can be considered for transfer credit.
    Articulation Agreements

    Saint Francis University has articulation agreements with a number of instututions.View here:Approved Articulation Agreements

    Second Degree
    • Candidates for a second bachelor’s degree must complete a minimum of 32 credits at Saint Francis University.
    • Six credits of Religious Studies must be completed at Saint Francis University in order to fulfill core requirements.