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Literature & Languages

Department of Literature & Languages explores the power of language through a range of writing, literature, and other thematic courses. Our faculty celebrate effective writing and help students write effectively. The ability to express ideas in clear, concise, and forceful language is a key talent in all walks of life. Through literature, we study everything: from religion, linguistics, philosophy, or business, to law, science, politics, gender, or popular culture. 

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  • "Familiarize the strange and mystify the familiar"—Toni Morrison

    The study of literature draws connections between the global and the everyday. Literature bears us into awareness and allows us to live thousands of experiences simultaneously.

    • Our mission is to educate each student to become a productive worker, a responsible citizen, and a cultured member of society.
    • The department's major programs aim to provide life enrichment through a liberal arts curriculum, and life skills through professional experiences to all its students.
    • The curricular objectives are consistent with those of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, the Modern Language Association of America, the several American associations of teachers of foreign languages, and other professional organizations.