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At Saint Francis University, almost every discipline incorporates research into the student experience. It isn't uncommon to see students as early as their freshman year working along side a Ph.D. faculty mentor on projects that matter. 

  • Office of Student Research

    The goal of the Office of Student Research is to foster the culture of student research at Saint Francis University at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. Student research has become an important part of the academic experience in all four of the university's academic schools.  The office aims to celebrate research efforts on our campus.

    Research Day

    The Annual Saint Francis University Student Research Day celebrates research projects conducted on our campus. Poster presenters were available to discuss their research and answer questions. 

    Pictures from the 2016 Student Research Day

    Video of the 2015 Student Research Day fun


    The Spectrum: Journal of Student Research is a peer-reviewed undergraduate research journal featuring the works of Saint Francis University students, launched to showcase the work of students who have become engaged in research at our University. 

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    • SFU Biology Students Search for Diversity in Polluted Waters

      Teams of SFU students spent their summer investigating biodiversity in local streams and ponds affected by pollution.

      Learn About Their Research

    • HIST Harry Olafsen Student Story Spotlight

      “Real Housewives of the American Civil War”

      Combining his passions for studying war and gender studies, Harry has investigated individual women’s lives during the American Civil War in order to make arguments about the “domestic war” within homes.

      Read about his research

    • HIST Nick Astle Student Story Spotlight

      The Question of Religious Tolerance

      While conducting research as a history major at Saint Francis, Nick's personal commitment to his own faith, as well as current events left him questioning the tolerance of one particular faith -- Islam. 

      Read about his research

    • Who has a flume? SFU that's who.

      Thanks to a generous donation from Gwin Dobson & Foreman Consulting Engineers the Environmental Engineering department has an Armfield hydraulic flume to use in classroom teaching and in student research.


      Learn more about this donation.

    • CHEM SOC_Dallas Mosier_text image

      On the (crime) scene

      Eight-year-old Dallas Mosier wants to be a forensic scientist when she grows up. Fast forward 14 years, and you will find her still in full pursuit of her dreams. 

      Alumni Profile Dallas Mosier

  • Research News