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Honors Program

The Saint Francis University Honors Program is designed to challenge highly motivated students with an emphasis on research, leadership and community engagement.

    • New Honors
  • What to Expect

    Start with courses that focus on critical thinking, research, and communication. Then, develop, collaborate, and participate in a leadership seminar in your sophomore year.  Conclude with a final honors project where you will work with a faculty mentor to present your research prior to graduating from the program.

  • Flash Facts

    • Priority Registration

    • Honors Housing

    • Designated Honors Courses

    • Projects with One-on-One Advising

    • Discussion-based classes
      Community Service Projects

  • Program Plan of Study

    First Year Fall Semester

    HNRS 101: Introducing Honors: Leadership Research, and Community Engagement (3 Credits)
    MUS310: Music, Wellness, and Conscious Life Design Honors (3 Credits)

    First Year Spring Semester

    WRIT102: Research Writing (3 Credits)
    RLST105: Franciscan Goals for Today (3 Credits)

    Second Year Classes

    HNRS250: Sophomore Leadership Seminar (2 Credits)
    HNRS331: Directed Readings (2 Credits)(Can be substituted for a semester study abroad trip or a University-approved internship)
    HNRS335: Thesis Prep (2 Credits)

    Third or Fourth Year Project

    Student Requirements

    All other Honors requirements are fulfilled at the student’s own pace and with the student’s personal academic interests in mind. For example, Honors students develop individual Directed Readings Tutorials with faculty mentors. The discipline and scope of the tutorial is left up to the student, but must be outside his or her major field of study.


    Those participating in the Honors Program are the only students granted priority registration at the university. The program also offers innovative coursework, extensive faculty-student interaction, individualized honors advising and opportunities for independent study.


    The Bach Family Honors House opened in January 2006. The 6,000+ square-foot facility includes a conference room—with state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment—for seminars and Honors core courses; a residence for eight Honors students per year; a 24-hour study space for all Honors students; and meeting, lecture and movie space.