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Franciscan Mission Integration

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  • Saint Francis University is a Catholic academic community of higher learning, dedicated to providing its students with both a liberal arts education and career-oriented studies. As a Catholic university founded and animated by the Third Order Regular Franciscans, one of its distinctive goals is to enable Franciscan values and the Catholic tradition to shape intellectual inquiry and decision-making, both on a personal and institutional level.

  • Mission Integration

    Saint Francis University aims to be an academic institution where religion in general and Catholicism in particular are vitally present and operative across campus. This occurs when theological perspectives, ethical concerns, and faith seeking understanding intersect with every subject area and academic discipline. Such integration fosters the education of the whole person, through academic and career-oriented learning as well social, psychological, physical, moral, and spiritual/religious growth.

    To achieve these goals, the Office of Mission Integration works with diverse groups, offices, departments, and divisions across campus to implement several objectives outlined in Ex corde Ecclesiae ("From the Heart of the Church"), which is an Apostolic Constitution issued by Pope John Paul II in 1990 describing the "identity and mission" of Catholic colleges and universities. These objectives are:

    • to increase consideration of theological perspectives, ethical concerns, and Catholic teaching in curricular and co-curricular activities;
    • to foster the integration of knowledge across subject areas and academic disciplines; and
    • to promote conversations across campus between faith and reason in order to bear witness to the harmonious unity of all truth
    • to be of service to the people of God and the human family in their quest for transcendental goals which give meaning to life (Ex corde Ecclesiae, 1990, #12-20).

    In various ways, the Mission Integration Office offers programming for faculty and staff members in Franciscan history, spirituality, and values as well as the Catholic intellectual tradition. The office also collaborates with numerous departments across campus, including the Department of Campus Ministry Office, to foster the engagement of faith and reason, the integration of ethical concerns, and the faith formation of its students and staff through curricular and co-curricular activities.

    Franciscan Higher Education

    Our Franciscan Goals

    A Humble and Generous Attitude toward Learning; Reverence for All Life and for the Goodness of All Humanity; Respect for the Uniqueness of Individual Persons; A Global Vision; Service to the Poor and the Needy; A Community of Faith and Prayer; A Spirit of Simplicity and Joy; Franciscan Presence.

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    Catholic Heritage

    St. Francis of Assisi

    The vision embraced by the community of learners that became Saint Francis College originated over 800 years ago in the person and the dream of the Poverello, Francis of Assisi, who delighted in calling himself the Troubadour, the story teller, of the Great King.

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    Franciscan Friars

    Franciscan presence on campus

    The University gratefully acknowledges the vision, sacrifice, and zeal of our Franciscan founders and of the friars who have served the campus community loyally over the years.

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    Reverence for All Life and for the Goodness of All Humanity

    As children of God, we are brothers and sisters to each other, to all humanity, and to all God's creatures. We care for the earth which is our home and work to protect and preserve it for future generations.

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