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Our Friars

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  • Amato Friar UPDATED

    Brother Gabriel M. Amato, T.O.R.

    Title: Director of the Dorothy Day Outreach Center
    Department: Dorothy Day Outreach Center                      
    Office Location: Dorothy Day Outreach Center                      
    Phone: 814.472.3359                      
    Email: gamato@francis.edu  


    Father Joseph Chancler, T.O.R.

    Title: Adjunct Instructor
    Department: Mathematics  
    Email: jchancler@francis.edu  

    Dobson Friar UPDATED 

    Father Christopher Dobson, T.O.R.

    Title: Music/Liturgy 
    Department: Campus Ministry
    Office Location: Saint Francis Hall 
    Phone: 814.472.3319                      
    Email: cdobson@francis.edu  

    Fr. Terry Henry

    Father Terence Henry

    Title:  Adjunct Professor
    Department:  History
    Email: thenry@francis.edu 

    Lyons Friar

    Father Peter Lyons, T.O.R., Ph.D

    Title: Assistant Professor
    Department: Philosophy & Religious Studies                                           
    Office Location: St. Joseph Hall                                           
    Phone: 814.472.3057                                           
    Email: plyons@francis.edu  

    McGrenra Friar UPDATED

    Brother Shamus McGrenra, T.O.R.

    Email: smcgrenra@francis.edu 

    Father James Puglis 

    Fr. James Puglis, T.O.R.

    Title:  Director of Campus Ministry
    Department: Campus Ministry
    Office Location: St. Francis Hall Rm. 3
    Phone: 814-472-3391
    Email: jpuglis@francis.edu

    Dan Sinisi Profile 

    Fr. Daniel F Sinisi

    Job title : Chaplain, Administration & Coach
    Department: Athletics
    Location: Stokes Athletic Center 154
    Phone: 814-471-1238
    Email: dsinisi@francis.edu


    Brother Dennis I. Snyder, T.O.R., Ed.D

    Title: Assistant Professor of Education, Outreach Coordinator
    Department: Education
    Office Location: Scotus                      
    Phone: 814.471.1238                     
    Email: dsnyder@francis.edu

    Br Marius Strom

    Brother Marius Strom, T.O.R.

    Title: Lab Instructor
    Department: Engineering 
    Phone: 814.472.3934
    Email: mstrom @francis.edu  

    Van Tassell Friar UPDATED

    Father Malachi Van Tassell, T.O.R., Ph.D

    Title: University President 
    Office Location: Scotus                      
    Phone: 814.472.3001                      
    Email: mvantassell@francis.edu