Commuter Life


Commuter Services & Information

While your college experience as a commuter student might be slightly different than a campus resident, your involvement in the greater campus community is just as important.  Commuter students have access to all campus services and are encouraged to become involved in a variety of clubs and organizations. 



Parking for commuter students is a priority at SFU. There are exclusive commuter spaces available in two locations on campus.  Contact Campus Police (814-472-3360) with detailed questions. 

Commuter parking is available at:

  • JFK Student Center Lower Lot– nearly half of the parking lot closest to the building is designated specifically for Commuters.
  • Stokes Athletic Center Lower Lot – the lower lot provides plenty of spaces closer to the center of campus.

Places to Relax

As a commuter, it’s nice to find a quiet, comfortable space to relax between classes.  Below are a few options:

  • Commuter Hub (located on the first floor of Padua Hall): lockers, coffee maker, refrigerator, lounge seating, tables for studying

  • The JFK Student Center Lounge (first floor): group study space, access to Frankie's Campus Club, lounge seating

  • Frankie’s Campus Club (lower level of JFK): dining options, study space

  • Adamucci Café (located on the bottom level of Schwab Hall): coffee, snacks, study tables

Have Detailed Commuter Questions?

If you are a commuter student, there is plenty of support for you from professional staff who have your interests in mind.  The Center for Student Engagement is ready to help commuting students.

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