Meet the 2021 Student Orientation Directors


2021 Orientation Directors
Our 2021 Team of Orientation Directors

  • Mattie Bossler,  Co-Senior Director / Exercise Physiology & Physical Therapy/ Lilly, PA
  • Alyssa Martyak, Co-Senior Director / Physician Assistant / Ashville, PA
  • Julia Bradford,  Associate Director / Exercise Physiology & Physical Therapy/ Edinboro, PA
  • David Sullivan, Associate Director/ Nursing/ Pittsburgh, PA
  • Ashley Deetscreek, Assistant Director / Physical Therapy/ Mineral Point, PA
  • Laura Hoag, Assistant Director /  Physician Assistant/ State College, PA 
  • Madison Jordan, Assistant Director/ Physical Therapy/ Leesburg, VA
  • Caitlin Major, Assistant Director/ Nursing/ Monessen, PA

The Center for Student Engagement at Saint Francis University has chosen the team of students who will assist with leading the efforts to welcome the Class of 2025 into our FlashFam! The first-year transition process is a critical element of a student’s success at Saint Francis University. This is why our institution relies heavily on our team of Orientation Directors to manage Summer Orientation & Academic Registration (SOAR). These individuals volunteer their final weeks of summer, for no compensation or reward, in order to ensure that the first-year students have an exceptional transition into the FlashFam!

Throughout the first-year orientation program, the Orientation Directors are our student leaders who coordinate 40 other student volunteer Orientation Counselors in order to support the mission of our institution and provide a first-class experience for their new classmates.

 Directors assume administrator-type roles such as creating presentations, coordinating events, problem-solving logistical issues, and assist our professional staff with making decisions when faced with various obstacles that present themselves during an event such as first-year orientation. Prior to move-in day, they facilitate a 3-day training program to ensure that the Orientation Counselors are prepared to offer a transformational experience for the incoming students and their families.

These individuals who have been selected as Orientation Directors are some of the best examples of student leadership and pride here at Saint Francis University. They are responsible for leading the very first student organization that our incoming students are exposed to when they arrive on campus for move-in day, and set the example for what our incoming students can expect their experience to be like as part of the FlashFam here amongst the pines.