Hands-On Learning Experiences Making Headlines

University Communications & Marketing | 02/09/2024

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Saint Francis University garnered front-page headlines in The Tribute-Democrat newspaper  twice this week, both showcasing experiential learning in action.

Dogs, students learn from each other...

Wednesday's article featured Dr. Shlomit Flaisher-Grinberg’s Psychology 420 Course: Canine Learning and Behavior, which is a student favorite. This course combines classroom learning theories with an active behavioral training experience centered around shelter dogs with the aim of giving them a better life through targeted training. The dogs are taught tricks and how to behave, and they form a close bond with the students. At the end of the class, the aim is for the dogs to be adopted and find a new home.

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Students create toy cars for kids with disabilities...

Tuesday's headline story shares how majors in Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Engineering are working together through the GoBabyGo project. GoBabyGo is a national program that provides modified ride-on cars to children birth to age 3 who experience limited mobility. The whole project aims to give back some quality of life to children who are limited and dependent on help at an early age.

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