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Know Your Energy Situation

  • Calculate your energy usage in the three energy areas: heating, electricity, and transportation. Chart it on paper. Involve staff members or members of your family. How much does your business or your home spend monthly and annually on space heating, electricity and fuel for your vehicles? How much do you spend per kilowatt-hour, gallon, and mcf (natural gas)? Which energy do you spend the most on? The least? 

    Once you have identified your usage, we recommend beginning with energy efficiency and energy conservation measures. We know this is not as exciting as solar panels or making your own fuel.  We know insulation isn't nearly as easy to brag about as a geothermal heat pump. . .but it is the place to start without a doubt.  The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) claims you can knock 20% off your usage with simple no cost/low cost solutions. Check out the DOE's Energy Saver website for useful tips!

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