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College in High School

The College in High School program is a partnership between high schools and Saint Francis University.

  • CollegeHS

    Academic Program Offerings

    Saint Francis University provides high school students multiple options to earn credits. These options include College in High School and the Career Development Series.

    High school students who participate in the College in High School program or the Career Development Series can obtain Saint Francis University credit for select upper-level high school or lower-level college courses.

    College in High School: courses contain the content of the equivalent course(s) taught at Saint Francis University and will be led by approved high school teachers in the regular classroom. 

    Career Development Series: provides students the opportunity to earn dual enrollment SFU credits with SFU online courses along with other high school students.

    For questions please contact: Ms. Lois Quist - or 814-471-1102.

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    College in High School

    Quality Education

    College in High School courses, as well as the approved instructors, meet the standards of the appropriate academic departments of Saint Francis University.


    The cost to high school students for a Saint Francis University course offered through the College in High School program is significantly less than the regular tuition paid by full-time students at most colleges and universities. Payment for tuition will be due at the time of registration. Cost is $58 per credit hour.

    Early Start on College

    Students who later decide to attend Saint Francis University will enter with advanced standing and earned credits on their academic record.

    Courses Offered

    Saint Francis University courses currently offered at various high schools include:

    • ART 111 - Intro to General Drawing
    • BIOL 101 - General Biology
    • BIOL 111 - Biology I
    • CHEM 101 - Chemical Principles I
    • CHEM 103 - Human Chemistry I
    • ENGL 104 - Introduction to Literature
    • EXPH 103 - Intro. to Physical Conditioning (1 cr.)
    • EXPH 800 - Exercise Physiology Elective
    • FREN 102 - Elementary French II
    • FREN 201 - Intermediate French I
    • GERM 102 - Elementary German II
    • GERM 201 - Intermediate German I
    • HIST 101 - Europe & The World 1500-1815
    • HIST 102 - Europe & The World Since 1815
    • HIST 103 - The U.S. to 1877
    • HIST 104 - The U.S. Since 1877
    • LATN 102 - Elementary Latin II
    • MATH 110 - Pre-Calculus Mathematics
    • MATH 112 - Calculus Mathematics
    • MIS 110 - Computer Programming
    • MS 110 - Intro. to Oceanography
    • PHYS 101 - Physical Science
    • MUS 101 - Introduction to Music
    • PHYS 104 - Intro to Physics I
    • PHYS 121 - General Physics I
    • SOC 101 - General Sociology
    • SPAN 102 - Elementary Spanish II
    • SPAN 201 - Intermediate Spanish I
    • STAT 101 - Statistics I
    Career Development Series

    Students will have the opportunity to earn dual enrollment SFU credits in the following online courses along with other high school students. Each course will be one semester long, and based on the SFU academic calendar. Fall 2020 courses will begin Monday, August 17, 2020 and conclude with a final exam during the week beginning November 20th. Spring 2021 courses will begin Monday, January 11, 2021 and conclude with a final exam during the week beginning April 29.

    The courses listed below will be offered to students from select high schools. This will allow a rich learning experience with class projects and discussions involving fellow students and Saint Francis University faculty, all set in an online learning environment. The entire class of high school students will visit the SFU campus in Loretto at least once during the semester for a full day of onsite learning experiences.

    The courses selected are intentionally chosen to allow high school students to explore different career paths, perhaps choosing one course from two areas of the three career paths. Alternatively, students already focused on one career path can proceed deeper in the career direction by taking both courses in that general area.


    Career Path  Fall 2020 Spring 2021
     BusinessACCT 101 - Financial AccountingMarketing 101 - Introduction to Marketing
     HealthHLSC 112 - Introduction to Health, Wellness, and DisabilityPUBH  101 - Introduction to Public Health
    STEM CPSC 101 - Introduction to Computer ScienceENGR 113 - Introduction to Engineering and STEM 


    Billing for each CDS course will be at a discounted rate of $200 per credit, for a total of $600 per course, with no additional student or technical fees.

    Students will be responsible for purchasing any required course materials.



    Students wishing to take a College in High School or Career Development Series course must complete a SFU College in High School or Career Development Series application to be submitted at the time of registration. Admission into College in High School does not constitute acceptance into Saint Francis University. Graduating seniors seeking admission into Saint Francis University may contact the Office of Admissions at 814-472-3100 or toll free at 866-342-5738.


    Staff from the Francis Worldwide office will work with the guidance counselor at each participating high school for registration purposes. Registration will be in the form of an online application that will outline payment procedures.


    The high school teacher, who will hold an adjunct faculty appointment from Saint Francis University, will assign grades for students taking a College in High School course following the established University grading system.


    There will be no financial reimbursement if a student decides to withdraw from a course. Students approved to withdraw from a College in High School course will be given a "W" (withdrew) grade.

    Incomplete Courses

    In some instances, students may need extra time to complete requirements for course work. In that case, the student must notify the teacher of his/her intentions in writing. The teacher will in turn notify a contact at the Francis Worldwide office.  A "CN" or an "I" grade can be assigned by the teacher and arrangements for fulfilling class requirements are made between the teacher and student.

    Transfer of Credits

    Many students registering for courses through Saint Francis University may eventually wish to transfer these credits elsewhere. Although many colleges and universities will recognize these transfer credits, it is not guaranteed that all colleges or institutions of higher learning will accept them. Whether or not a college accepts transfer credits depends on their policy and the major that the student has chooses. Typically, students must have a "C" or better for any credits to transfer and must also request a transcript of their credits earned. To request a transcript, students must contact the Registrar's Office at Saint Francis University, 814-472-3009, or fill out the Transcript Request Form.