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Biology Facilities

Our students are encouraged to develop a healthy mind for exploration that goes far beyond the classroom. The new flagship science center facility built in 2013 provides the ideal space for students in the School of STEAM to engage, gather, study, and learn.

    • Science Center with Fountain
    • Science Center Exterior
    • Students Interior Science Center
    • Students in Biology lounge
    • Biology Lab Spaces
    • Aquarium with crowd
  • The Biology department occupies the entire first floor of the new 73,000 square foot Science Center. Enhanced teaching and lab spaces include high-tech classrooms and research zones. Dedicated laboratories house state-of-the-art equipment for hands-on learning. Below are a list of Biology spaces located on the second floor of the Science Center.

  • Undergraduate Research Facilities

     Cell Culture Lab

    • Small specialized research laboratory for growing animal or plant cells in vitro
    • Allows study of cellular and molecular biology with medical relevance (e.g. cancer cells, regeneration/healing).
    • Also used for student projects in cell & molecular biology classes.
    • Features special hoods and incubators required to maintain ultra-clean conditions required by cultured cells.

    Large Saltwater Aquarium

    • 1500-gallon saltwater aquarium and attached maintenance room.
    • Marine fish and other organisms on display for visitors, faculty and students.
    • Tank is large enough to hold a diver for cleaning and educational programs.  Speaker system allows diver to speak with guests outside aquarium.
    • Maintained by students in the aquarium & zoo science and marine biology programs.


    • Allows controlled experiments examining plant growth conditions (e.g. invasive species research).
    • Also used for maintaining plants for use in teaching and ongoing research.
    • Temperature and humidity controls.

    Multidisciplinary Environmental Research Lab (MERL)

    • Multidisciplinary research lab used by biology and environmental engineering faculty and students.
    • Studies in ecology, animal behavior, environmental degradation and remediation are conducted here.

    Student/Faculty Research Lab

    • Large research laboratory for molecular and cellular biology, animal physiology, and microbiology.
    • Used for Student/Faculty Research Projects.
    • Specialized equipment for quantitative analysis of DNA, RNA, and protein samples.  
    • Includes rtPCR machine that can directly measure gene expression.

    Dark Room

    • Small laboratory to accommodate fluorescence microscopy, which can be used to cause living cells to glow based on their components.
    • Also used for reflectance spectrometry experiments, which permit measurement of reflectance spectra to quantify and evaluate animal coloration.

    Teaching Spaces and Student Zone


    Biology Student Zone

    • A dedicated student zone for Biology students to relax, study, share ideas, discuss research.
    • Located close to offices to facilitate student access to faculty.
    • Swipe-access granted for all Biology students.

    Anatomy Lab

    • Teaching lab for comparative vertebrate anatomy, human anatomy, physiology, and vertebrate physiology courses.
    • Serves majors in sciences and health sciences.
    • Stainless-steel counters and bright overhead lights to aide dissection.

    Aquatics Lab

    • Combination teaching and specialized research laboratory for marine and freshwater biology experiments.
    • Facilities designed to withstand corrosion and water damage.
    • Accommodates up to 16 students for lecture, teaching labs and research projects.

    Ecology Lab

    • Dual-use facility, used as both a small lecture room and a laboratory for ecology, animal behavior, and advanced botany.
    • Storage facilities for a variety of field equipment used to get students out of the building and into the outdoors.
    • Ample space for behavior experiments with live animals.

    Freshman Lab

    • General-purpose teaching laboratory for general biology courses and course projects.
    • Serves students in science and health science majors.
    • Includes a bank of high-quality compound microscopes for examination of prepared slides.
    • Storage for a large diversity of preserved specimens exemplifying the diversity of animals, plants, and fungi.

    Genetics Lab

    • Teaching lab for genetics, molecular & cell biology, and  developmental biology courses.
    • Adjoining room to cell culture research lab, which facilitates use of cell culture for classroom projects.
    • Well-equipped space with modern molecular biology equipment.  Students learn skills needed to perform many of the key techniques required in cell & molecular biology research positions.

    Microbiology Lab

    • Teaching laboratory for microbiology courses.
    • Serves students in various majors in both sciences and health sciences.
    • Students learn to safely handle, culture, and dispose of microorganisms in a clean, modern facility.
    • Modern audio-visual design so that students can view Smart board projections as well as whiteboard material.

    Teaching Classroom

    • 30-seat classroom with comfortable seating and large tables.
    • Modern audio/video station with computer projector
    • Extensive whiteboard space spanning two walls to facilitate active learning.