Tuition & Fees

Division of Professional Studies

Division of Professional Studies
2024-2025 Tuition & Fees

At Saint Francis University, we are committed to ensuring the highest quality education is both affordable and accessible. If you need any help navigating Financial Aid or Billing please reach out.

  • For questions on loans, scholarships, and grants, contact the Financial Aid Office at 814-472-3010 or 
  • For questions on housing or meal plans, contact the Residence Life Office at 814-472-3029. 
  • For billing questions, contact the Business Office at 814-472-2884 or at

Tuition amounts are approved annually by the University's Board of Trustees. The tuition rate for the 2024-25 academic year is $485 per credit hour for undergraduate programs offered through the Division of Professional Studies.

Degree Programs 2024-25 Tuition

Lab, course, and contingent fees may apply.

Degree TypeCreditsTuition Per CreditTuition Per Program
Associate of Applied Science30$485$17,460 
Associate of  Science60-63$485$29,100 - $30,555 
Bachelor of Science128$485$62,080 
Degree Completion (B.S.)30-38$485$14,550 - $18,430

Other Fees

Technology Fee/semester$30  

Certificates (Skill-Builder)

Certificate TypeCreditsTuition Per CreditTuition Per Program
Computer Systems Management24$485$11,640 

Aviation Maintenance Technician Program Fees

Please visit the AMT program page for current fees.

Aviation (Pilot Training) Fees can be found here