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Marketing & Communications Submission Forms

The Marketing & Communication team at SFU wants to share the great work that you are doing inside and outside of the classroom!

  • Definitions

    Please use the one form that most closely fits your need. For example: If you are hosting an event that needs to be promoted, but you also think that it should be a news article, just use the "Event for Promotion" form and we will do the work of publishing across multiple areas.

    Note: The Marketing & Communications department may edit your submissions according to editorial guidelines. In addition, submissions will be released according to University needs and content will be released and promoted in various ways.

    Article / Press Release / Story

    A fully-formed piece of writing that is ready to be reviewed for publication to, released to the local media, or posted to social media.

    Event for Calendar/PR

    An event with a set time, place, and description that is ready to be published to, released to the local media, or posted to social media.

    Merit: Student Achievements

    A story that features and recognizes the achievement of a student or multiple students. Learn more about how Merit works here. >

    Story Idea

    Heard about something cool that's happening but don't have all the pieces together? Submit your tip and we may pick it up.

    Web Updates & Consults

    For web pages in need of content corrections, new content, or makeovers, or a new page needs to be added to the site.

    Other Needs

    If you need support from the Marketing & Communications Department but none of these forms fit your needs, please submit your "other" need here.