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Study Energy

  • Programs of Study

    Study EnergySaint Francis University offers the following energy related programs:

    • Environmental Engineering B.S., Renewable Energy Concentration - Those students interested in a traditional four-year Bachelor of Science degree should explore our Renewable Energy concentration. Includes specialized course work in energy conversion, storage, and distribution. You will investigate the details of energy conversion from traditional sources such as fossil fuels and nuclear energy, to sustainable sources such as solar, wind, fuel cells, and other developing innovative energy technologies. There are also opportunities for internships and student-design projects in both the Senior Lab, the Institute for Energy, and courses within the major.

    • Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering B.S. - Our program is a rigorous engineering program enhanced by a foundation of environmental stewardship.  This 4-year degree program prepares our students to be engaged, conscientious leaders in the energy industry.  The program emphasizes both theoretical and hands-on learning, project design and execution, communication skills, and service learning.