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Student Government Association

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    The Student Government Association, or S.G.A., serves as the main branch of government for the University’s student body. As an S.G.A. member you are involved in many campus discussions to improve life on campus. In addition to these responsibilities, S,G. A. also funds many of the school’s recognized student clubs and organizations and sponsors multiple leadership-development programs on campus each year.

    Functions of the SGA

    • Promotes Student Issues/Concerns – The Student Government Association (SGA) visualizes itself as the VOICE of the student body. Whenever an unpopular student issue arises, it is SGA’s responsibility to identify these issues, construct a plan to address these issues, and present solutions to fix these issues.
    • Creates Proposals to Better Campus Life – SGA also has a complex system of inter-Senate committees that work throughout the school year to create innovative proposals that will improve our campus. Committee members will then present these proposals in front of the Senate where they can be passed. It is also important to note that any student, at Saint Francis University, can create a proposal for something of desire. However, it is important to note that all proposals are for all students and not individualistic interests. If you would like more information, please contact someone in SGA who can explain the process of creating a proposal!
    • Funds Student Organizations – Many student organizations are funded by the SGA. Therefore, in many cases, the SGA is the reason why organizations have money to spend. In order to receive an allocation, the clubs must complete and return budget requests in the Spring semester. Subsequently, organizations are funded based on the quality and extent of the programs they sponsored during the year. Thus, the SGA assists many clubs with finances in order to help them reach higher.
    • Hosts Many Events for the Student Body – the SGA sponsors many different events with hopes that these events can prove to be beneficial for the students. Listed below are more specific events:
      • Leadership Conference – Every Fall semester, the SGA sponsors a Leadership Conference which is meant to encourage student involvement within organizations and to further develop leadership skills on our campus. The event features a keynote address and numerous informational breakout sessions that examine a wide range of issue facing student leaders and skills necessary for a successful career after college. The conference is open to all students, and door prizes are given out, at random, to lucky students.
      • Donut Heaven – Every semester during finals week, the SGA co-sponsors Donut Heaven. For the first three days of finals, faculty and staff serve the student body snacks including donuts, hot dogs, ice cream, coffee, and hot chocolate from 10:00 to 11:30 p.m. Donut Heaven has become a tradition on campus so make sure you come check it out during finals week.
      • Town Hall Meeting – Every semester, the SGA invites administrators, the President, and all students to openly bring up important matters in an open forum. The SGA usually takes time at the meeting to discuss what projects they are currently working on, the current state of the Student Body, issues facing students, and the future of the SGA. Most importantly at the end of the meeting, the SGA President will open the floor for questions from the students. We encourage students to be heard, and the Town Hall meeting is your opportunity to do so. However, as always, we expect respect and control with every question.
      • iLEAD Speaker Series – Every semester, the SGA hosts this unique event where former students, who have been noted as “Distinguished Alumni” are given the opportunity to come back to campus and speak to current students about their message of inspiration and unyielding determination to lead in a global economy. We hope that students will gain knowledge and insights of servant leadership, social justice, and overall advice to live successful personal and occupational careers.
    • Completed Major Initiatives – The SGA has broken ground and completed some noteworthy projects. In the past few years, we have either completed or are in the process of completing the Ice Rink, the Lakeview Snowtubing Park, the Leadership Reaction Course, the Basketball Court behind Saint Gile Hall, phone charging stations around campus, an air pump to service your car's tires, and bi-weekly paychecks for campus work-study jobs. We hope that all of these major projects benefit and provide satisfaction with the student body.

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